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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now shortlie after,The earle of Sussex depar|teth from Uienna, &c. his lordship with certeine of his companie taking leaue of the emperour, depar|ted from Uienna the fourtéenth of Ianuarie afore|said vnto Newstat, and so through the countrie of Stire vnto Gra [...]z the chiefe citie of Carinth, where he tooke also leaue of the said archduke Charles: and from thence returning, passed those parts of the Alpes vnto Saltzburgh, where he met with the other part of his traine, and so by continuing iourneies came againe into England to the queenes maiestie towards the latter end of March. Iohn Stow. Anno Reg. 10. A sharpe win|ter following a drie summer. After a drie sum|mer folowed an extreme sharpe winter, namelie the EEBO page image 1211 latter part therof, with such great scarsitie of fodder and haie, that in diuerse places the same was sold by weight, as in Yorkeshire, and in the Peake of Dar|bishire, where a stone of haie was sold for fiue pence. There followed also a great death of cattell, namelie of horsse and sheepe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare in the moneth of Ianuarie, the queens maiestie sent into the narrow seas thrée of hir ships, Rich. Graston. The quéenes ships sent forth into the narrow seas. and one barke named the Anthelop, the Swallow, the Aid, and the Phenix, the which were manned with fiue hundred men. And hir highnesse appointed the charge of the said ships and men to hir trustie ser|uant William Holstocke of London esquier, comp|trollor of hir highnesse ships, who had commande|ment to staie the subiects of king Philip. And accor|ding to his dutie he vsed such diligence, as one ha|uing care vnto his charge, in garding as well the French as the English coasts, did the eleuenth daie of March next following méet with eleuen saile of Flemmish hoies open vpon Bullongne, which came from Rone,Eleuen saile of Flemish hoies laden with wines surprised by admerall Holstocke. and had in them foure hundred and od tuns of Gascoigne and French wines, which they intended to haue caried into Flanders: but the said Holstocke staid all the said eleuen hoies, and sent them to London, where they made their discharge, and the Flemmings disappointed of those wines.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer the eight and twentith daie of the fore|said moneth of March, the said William Holstocke seruing in the Anthelop (at that present admerall) and in his companie being William Winter the yonger (at that time his viceadmerall) seruing in the Aid, and Iohn Basing capteine of the Swallow, and Thomas Gouarlie capteine of the Phenix met in the narrow seas with fouretéene saile of great hulkes, which were come out of Portugall, and bound to Flanders: their chiefe lading being Portugall salt and yet had good store of Spanish roials of plate, and also of good spices. The which fourteene hulkes did mainteine their fight for the space of two houres. And after that they did perceiue that they could not preuaile,Six Spanish hulks laden with di|uerse things taken by the English. hauing tasted of the ordinance of the queens ships to their great hurt, as well in slaughter of their men, as also in spoile of their ships, the said Holstock and his companie tooke eight of the said hulks, wher|of six were sent into the riuer of Thames. And the admerall and viceadmerall in the said hulks being two great ships (which the said Holstocke himselfe did take) were caried vnto Harwich, and there dis|charged.

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