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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The valiant capteine Edward Randoll esquier,Souldiers transported into Ireland to vanquish Shane Oneil. lieutenant of the ordinance, and coronell of a thou|sand footmen, in September last past was with his band imbarked at Bristow, and within few daies after landed at Knockfergus in the north parts of Ireland; and from thence by water to a place called Derrie, by which passeth the riuer Longfoile. There the said coronell in short space fortified, to the great annoiance of Shane Oneil, and by great foresight and experience garded himselfe and his charge, till the said Oneil (to hinder and disturbe his aboad there) the twelfe of Nouember arriued with a great armie of Kerne Galowglasses and horssemen, with whome the said capteine Randoll incountered, and him there so discomfited, as after that conflict he durst neuer approch the quéenes power. And to his perpetuall fame, the said capteine by reason of his bold and hardie onset, that daie lost his life.Yoong prince of Scots christened. Charles Iames the sixt of that name, son to Henrie Stuart lord of Darnleie and Marie king & queene of Scots was borne in Edenburgh castell, the ninetéenth of Iune last past: Anno Reg. 9. and the eighteenth of December this yeare solemnlie christened at Sterling, whose godfa|thers at the christening were Charles K. of France, and Philibert duke of Sauoie, and the quéenes ma|iestie of England was the godmother, who gaue a font of gold curiouslie wrought and inameled, wai|eng three hundred & thrée and thirtie ounces, amoun|ting in value to the summe of 1043 pounds, nine|téene shillings.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The tenth of Februarie in the morning,K. of Scots murthered. Henrie Stuart lord of Darnleie before named K. of Scots, by Scots in Scotland was shamefullie murthered, the reuenge whereof remaineth in the mightie hand of God. The two and twentith of Februarie, the la|die Margaret Dowglas countesse of Lineux,The countesse of Lineux de|liuered out of the tower. mo|ther to the said king of Scots, was discharged out of the tower of London. Within the space of ten mo|neths last past died seuen aldermen of London,Seuen alder|men deceassed in London. the first Edward Bankes deceassed the ninth of Iulie, An. 1566: Richard Chamberleine late shiriffe, sir Martin Bowes, sir Richard Mallorie, sir William Hewet, and sir Thomas White late maiors, then Ri|chard Lambert one of the shiriffes for that yeare, the EEBO page image 1210 fourth of Aprill 1567. The like mortalitie to haue happened among them about a ten or eleuen yeares before, [...] before pag. 1132. you shall read in the historie of queene Marie, in the fourth yeare of hir reigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The two and twentith of Aprill by great misfor|tune of fire in the towne of Ossestrie in Wales,The towne of Ossestrie burnt thrise in thirtie yeares. twelue miles from Shrewsburie, to the number of two hundred houses, to wit, seuen score within the wals, and three score without in the suburbs, besides cloth, corne, cattell, &c: were consumed, which fire be|gan at two of the clocke in the after noone, and ended at foure, to the great maruell of manie, that so great a spoile in so short a time should happen. Two long stréets with great riches in that towne was burnt in the yeare 1542: and likewise or worse in the yeare 1564. The foure and twentith of Aprill the sergeants feast was kept at Greis inne néere vnto Holborne,Sergeants [...]. and there were at that time made se|uen new sergeants of the law. The seuenteenth of Maie in the towne of Milnall in Suffolke eight miles from Newmarket,Milnal in Suffolke burnt. thirtie seuen houses be|sides barnes, stables, and such like were consumed with fire in the space of two houres.

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