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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The seuenth of Nouember, a proclamation was made by Blewmantell, concerning orders taken and passed by the lord lieutenant,A proclama|tion for har|quebut shot. that no English|man nor Frenchman should shoot off anie harque|buse within the towne; nor that anie Frenchman, except monsieur Beauuois, or monsieur Bricque|mault, or their companies, should be out of their lodgings after nine of the clocke at night till the next morning on paine of death: except in cases of ala|rums.An alarum vpon occasion of fier made by the papists. The twelfe of Nouember, about six of the clocke at night, one of the mils without the gate was set on fire by some of the papists (as was thought) whereof rose a great alarum. The thir|téenth of Nouember, the Reingraue was seene on the north hils of the towne, with foure score horsse|men: wherevpon the Scotish horssemen, and thrée bands of footmen issued out, marching vp towards the same hils, in hope to méet with their enimies, but they were retired towards Mondeuille, and so nothing was doone. It was reported for a certeine truth, that the duke Daumale was there at that pre|sent with the Reingraue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 On wednesdaie, the fiue and twentith of Nouem|ber,Execution. one of capteine Cocksons souldiors was han|ged in the market place: and an other that was brought thither likewise to be executed had his par|don, at the sute of certeine French gentlemen. And herewith was proclamation made, that where it had béene proclamed afore,A proclamati|on to restreine the outrage of souldiors. that none should take anie thing forceablie from the French on paine of death, for breach whereof, such execution was presentlie doone: the lord lieutenant did by this proclamation eftsoons charge and command, that none vpon like paine should breake or spoile anie house or ship: or take anie timber, wood, or anie other thing from the French, without their good will, consent, and agree|ment.Prises brought to Newhauen. The same afternoone came into the hauen hoies and botes laden with wine, cider, perrie, wheate, béefe, bisquet, meale, and other prouision of vittels. Two French shallops of Newhauen had taken them besides Hunflue, and beaten backe a shallop of the enimies, slaieng ten or twelue French|men that came foorth of Hunflue to haue succored the hoies.A supplie of souldiors out of Essex arriue at Newhauen. The fiue and twentith of Nouember, there landed at Newhauen six hundred souldiors Essex|men, vnder the leading of Auerie Darsie, Reginald Higate, and William Twedie, each of them ha|uing his appointed number of two hundred to his ensigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, where as well diuerse prentises, as other Englishmen were come ouer, since the pla|cing of the garrison in that towne of Newhauen, not offering their seruice anie waie, other than by stragling abroad to séeke pillage, whereby they fell oftentimes into the hands of the enimies, both to the dishonor of their countrie, & losse of their owne liues. For reformation hereof proclamation was made the last of Nouember,A proclama|tion for the as|sembl [...]ng of souldiors at same Addres|ses. that all Englishmen within the said towne, aboue the age of sixteene yeares, and vnder thrée score, being not reteined in the queens maiesties paie, should at one of the clocke that pre|sent daie repaire to the bulworke called the bul|worke of saint Addresses, there to present his name & person to the [...]omptrollor, that order might be taken how to emploie them in some certeintie of seruice, vpon paine to euerie one failing hereof to suffer ten daies imprisonment, & also to be banished the towne.

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