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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The eight of Iulie, in the beginning of this fourth yeare of the quéens reigne, Anno Reg. 4. Henrie Peckham and Iohn Daniell were executed,Execution. and after they were dead, were headed on the tower hill: their bodies were buried in Barking church. ¶ About this time one Clober, IS. pag. 1101. Conspiracie began by one [...] and three brethren [...]. which sometime kept a schoole at Dis in Norffolke; with three brethren, whose names were Lincolne, pretended an insurrection, and would haue gathered the people at a mariage, vnto the which the brethren promised either of them to bring an hundred horsse with men. At which time by them appointed, the said Clober gaue charge to a seruant of his, to watch in a lane nigh to the church where they should méet, and as soone as he saw anie horsse|man comming thitherward, to giue him warning with all spéed. So it chanced (by the will of God) that certeine men riding through that lane, to some other place about their businesse, came about such an houre as Clober had appointed. Upon sight of which men, his said seruant returned to his maister, and told him that his friends were come: and imme|diatlie the said Clober stood vp in the parish church of Yarsleie,A traitorous proclamation read, and the reader appre|hended. and read a traitorous proclamation of pur|pose prepared: which being ended, and séeing his part was too weake, for that his mates were not come, began to flee. But one maister Shireman pursued and tooke him at a towne called Eie in Suffolke, and was kept in prison vntill the next sessions at saint Edmundsburie, and his three mates being brought to him, were there all togither drawne, hanged, and quartered.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare, the hot burning feuers and other strange diseases, which began the yeare before,Great death. con|sumed much people in all parts of England; but namelie, of most ancient and graue men: so that in London, betwéene the twentith of October, and the last of December, there died seuen aldermen, whose names were Henrie Heardson,Seuen alder|men of Lon|don dead in one yeare. sir Richard Dobs late maior, sir William Laxton late maior, sir Henrie Hoblethorne late maior, sir Iohn Champ|neis late maior, sir Iohn Aileph late shiriffe, and sir Iohn Gresham late maior. Ab. Fl. ex I. Stow. 1103. Fecknam abbat of Westminster. ¶ The one & twentith of Nouember, Iohn Fecknam late deane of Pauls in London, now made abbat of Westmin|ster, was stalled, and tooke possession of the same: and fourtéene monks more receiued the habit with him that daie of the order of saint Benet.False accuser set on the pil|lorie & burnt in both chéeks; would to God all such accusers were so well marked. The said one and twentith of Nouember, a man was brought from Westminster hall riding with his face to the horsse taile, and a paper on his head, to the stan|dard in Cheape, and there set on the pillorie, and then burned with an hot iron on both his chéekes, with two letters F. and A. for false accusing one of the court of the common plées in Westminster of trea|son.

The sixtéenth of December,A stranger would haue murdered the kéeper of Newgate. Gregorie Carpen|ter smith, and a Frenchman borne, was arreig|ned for making counterfeit keies, wherewith to haue opened the locks of Newgate, to haue slaine the kéeper, and let foorth the prisoners. At which time of his arreignement, hauing conueied a knife into his sléeue, he thrust it into the side of William Whit|rents his fellow prisoner, who had giuen witnesse a|gainst him, so that he was in great perill of death thereby. For the which fact he was immediatlie ta|ken from the barre into the street before the iustice hall, where his hand being first stricken off, he was hanged on a gibbet set vp for that purpose. The kée|per of Newgate was arreigned & indicted, for that the said prisoner had a weapon about him, and his hands loose, which should haue beene bound.A gun shot in|to the court at Greene|wich. The fourth of Ianuarie, a ship before Gréenewich (the court being there) shot off hir ordinance, one péece being charged with a bullet of stone, which passed through the wals of the court, and did no more hurt.]

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