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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 About this time, the bishop of Lincolne, Glocester, Anno Reg. [...]. Commis [...]io|ners sent to Oxford, by th [...] popes autho|ritie, & [...]. and Bristow, were sent in commission to Oxford by the popes authoritie, to examine Ridleie and Lati|mer, vpon certeine articles by them preached, which if they would not recant, and consent to the popes doctrine, then had they power to proceed in sentence against them as heretikes, and to commit them o|uer to the secular power. Those two doctors neuer|theles EEBO page image 1130 stood constantlie to that which they had taught, and would not reuoke: for which cause, they were condemned, and after burned in the towne ditch at Oxford, the sixtéenth daie of October. In the time of whose examination, bicause the bishops aforesaid de|clared themselues to be the popes commissioners, neither Ridleie nor Latimer would doo them any re|uerence, but kept their caps on their heads: where|fore they were sharplie rebuked by the bishop of Lin|colne, and one of the officers was commanded for to take of their caps. Of these men, and the maner of their death, ye may read at large in the booke of the monuments of the church.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The one and twentith of October, a parlement was holden at Westminster, [...] parlement [...]herein the kings of the [...]rch are [...] in the which amongst other things the queene being persuaded by the car|dinall (and other of hir clergie) that she could not prosper, so long as she kept in hir hands any posses|sions of the church, did frankelie and freelie resigne and render vnto them all those reuenues ecclesiasti|call, which by the authoritie of parlement, in the time of king Henrie, had béene annexed to the crowne, called the first fruits and tenths of all bishopricks, benefices, and ecclesiasticall promotions. The resig|nation whereof was a great diminution of the reue|nues of the crowne. [...] subsidie [...] Stow ¶In this parlement was gran|ted to the king & queene a subsidie of the laitie from fiue pounds to ten pounds eight pence of the pound, from ten pounds to twentie pounds twelue pence of the pound, & from twentie pounds vpward sixtéene pence of the pound, and all strangers double, and the cleargie granted six shillings of the pound.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Doctor Storie and other were appointed by the car|dinall,

This Storie [...] executed [...] quéen El [...]zabeths [...]

The death of Stephan Gardiner [...]shop of [...]inchester.

to visit euerie parish church in London and Middlesex, to see their relikes repared, and the ima|ges of the crucifix, with Marie and Iohn therevpon to be fixed.] During the time of this parlement, Ste|phan Gardiner bishop of Winchester, and chancel|lor of England died at his house called Winchester place, beside saint Marie Oueries in Southworke, the ninth daie of Nouember, whose corps was short|lie after solemnly from thence conueied to his church of Winchester, & there buried. The maner of whose death why should I blush to blaze as I find it by re|port? A [...]r. Fl. ex I. F. [...]tyrologio. The reporter [...] this additi| [...] a person of [...]dit. ¶One mistresse Mondaie, being the wife of one maister Mondaie secretarie sometime to the old lord Thomas duke of Norffolke, a present witnes of this that is testified, thus openlie reported in the house of a worshipfull citizen, bearing office in this citie, in words and effect as followeth. The same daie, when as bishop Ridleie and maister Latimer suffe|red at Oxford, being about the ninetéenth daie of October, there came to the house of Stephan Gar|diner, the old duke of Norffolke with the foresaid Mondaie his secretarie aboue named, reporter héer|of. The old aged duke, there waiting and tarieng for his dinner, the bishop being not yet disposed to dine, deferred the time till three or foure of the clocke at af|ter noone.

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