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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 To conclude, his towardlinesse was such in all heroicall vertues, noble gifts, and markable quali|ties conuenient for his princelie estate, that so much was hoped for in his roiall person (if he had liued till triall might haue béene had of the proofe) as was to belooked for in anie one prince that euer had rule ouer this noble realme. ¶ The eight of Iulie, I. Stow. 1 [...]8. K. Edwards death opened. the lord maior of London was sent for to the court, then at Gréenwich, and to bring with him six aldermen, as manie merchants of the Staple, and as manie mer|chant aduenturers, vnto whom by the councell was secretlie declared the death of king Edward, & also whom he had ordeined to the succession of the crowne by his leters patents, to the which they were sworne, and charged to kéepe it secret.] But now to procéed with the dooings that followed. Immediatlie after the death of this so worthie a prince king Edward,Ladie Iane proclamed quéene. the aforesaid ladie Iane was proclamed quéene of this realme by the sound of trumpet, that is to saie, the ninth daie of Iulie, at which proclamation were present the lords of the councell, the maior of Lon|don, with others.

¶ The eleauenth of Iulie, Gilbert Pot, I. Stow. 1059. Gilbert Pot punished in Cheape. drawer to Ninion Sanders vintenex, dwelling at S. Iohns head within Ludgate, who was accused by the said Sanders his maister, was set vpon the pillorie in Cheape, with both his eares nailed, and cleane cut off, for words speaking at time of the proclamation of ladie Iane. At the which execution was a trumpet blowne, and a herald read his offense, in presence of one of the shiriffes, &c. About fiue of the clocke the same daie in the afternoone, Ninion Sanders, mas|ter to the said Gilbert Pot,Men drow|ned at Lon|don bridge. and Iohn Owen a gun|ner, comming from the tower of London, by water in a wherrie; and shooting London bridge, towards the blacke friers, were drowned at saint Marie Locke, and the whirriemen saued by their ores.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The ladie Marie, a little before lieng at Honesdon in Hartfordshire, hauing intelligence of the state of the king hir brother, and of the secret practise against hir: by the aduise of hir fréends, with all spéed tooke hir iorneie toward hir house of Keningall in Norf|folke, intending there to remaine, vntill she could make hir selfe more strong of hir freends and alies, and withall wrote vnto the lords of the councell in forme as followeth.

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