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Abr. Fl. ex I. S. 1051.

Curteis, al|derman of London com|mitted to ward for vn|reuerend words and signes to the lord chan|cellor.

¶ On the 17 of Februarie, on which daie were receiued the bookes of the reliefe of all the wards of London, towards the new hospitals, by the kings commissioners, the councell dined at maister Coo|pers the shiriffe, and after dinner maister Thomas Curteis alderman came thither to speake with the lord chancellor for a matter he had depending afore him in the chancerie, but for his misdemeanour in words and signes to the lord chancellor at that time, the said maister Curteis was committed to ward in the Fléet.

Anno Reg. 6. Sir Rafe Uane & other executed.

House blowne vp with gun|powder.

] The six and twentith of Februarie, sir Rafe Uane and sir Miles Patridge were hanged on the tower hill; & sir Michaell Stanhope with sir Thomas Arundell were beheaded there. The last of Aprill, through negligence of the gunpowder ma|kers, a certeine house néere the tower of London, with thrée last of powder was blowne vp and burnt, the gunpowder makers being fiftéene in number, were all slaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 The sixtéenth of Maie was a goodlie muster of horssemen made before the king,Muster of horssemen be|fore the king in Gréenwich parke. in the parke at Gréenwich, vnder the kings banner his band of pen|sioners, in number a hundred and fiftie, euerie pensi|oner two great horsses and a gelding, the lord Braie their lieutenant.Dukes. The duke of Northumberland, great maister of the kings houshold vnder the white lion & the ragged staffe fiftie. The duke of Suffolke vnder the vnicorne in the starre a hundred and ten. The lord marquesse of Winchester, high treasuror,Marquesses. vnder his banner the falcon, one hundred men. The marquesse of Northampton high chamberleine vnder the maidenhead a hundred.Earles. The earle of Bed|ford lord priuie seale vnder the gote a hundred. The erle of Warwike maister of the kings horsses vnder the white lion fiftie. The erle of Huntington vnder his banner fiftie. The earle of Rutland vnder the peacocke fiftie. The earle of Penbroke vnder the greene dragon fiftie. The lord Darcie vnder the mai|dens bodie fiftie.Lords. The lord Cobham vnder the Sa|racens head, fiftie. The lord Clinton lord admerall vnder the anchor, fiftie. The lord warden of the fiue ports, vnder the rose in the sunne beames, one hun|dred.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Not long after the death of the said duke of Sum|merset and his complices, Rich. Graf [...]on. Doctor Rid|leie preached before the king, mercie and charitie. it chanced the reuerend fa|ther in God maister doctor Ridleie then bishop of London, to preach before the kings maiestie at Westminster. In the which sermon he made a fruit|full and godlie exhortation to the rich, to be mercifull vnto the poore, and also to mooue such as were in au|thoritie, to trauell by some charitable waie & meane, to comfort and reléeue them. Wherevpon the kings maiestie being a prince of such towardnesse and ver|tue for his yeares, as England before neuer brought forth, and the same also being so well reteined and brought vp in all godlie knowledge, as well by his déere vncle the late protector, as also by his vertuous and learned scholemaisters, was so carefull of the good gouernement of the realme, and chieflie to doo and prefer such things as most speciallie touched the honor of almightie God. And vnderstanding that a great number of poore people did swarme in this realme, and chieflie in the citie of London, and that no good order was taken for them, did suddenlie and of himselfe send to the said bishop as soone as his sermon was ended, willing him not to depart, vn|till that he had spoken with him (and this that I now write was the verie report of the said bishop Rid|leie) who according to the kings commandement gaue his attendance.The verie re|port of bishop Ridleie, wher|in we may [...] what fruits followed vpon his sermon: Ergo the hea|ring of the word preach|ed is profita|ble. And so soone as the kings ma|iestie was at leasure, he called for him, and made him to come vnto him in a great gallerie at West|minster, where (to his knowledge) and the king also told him so, there was present no mo persons than they two, and therefore made him sit downe in one chaire, and he himselfe in another, which (as it seemed) were before the comming of the bishop there pur|poselie set, & caused the bishop (maugre his teeth) to be couered, and then entered communication with him in this sort.

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