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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this time there was at Feuersham in Kent a gentleman named Arden,1551 Anno Reg. 5. most cruellie murthe|red and slaine by the procurement of his owne wife.Arden mur|thered. The which murther, for the horriblenesse thereof, al|though otherwise it may séeme to be but a priuate matter, and therefore as it were impertinent to this historie, I haue thought good to set it foorth somewhat at large, hauing the instructions deliuered to me by them, that haue vsed some diligence to gather the true vnderstanding of the circumstances. This Ar|den was a man of a tall and comelie personage,Arden d [...]|scribed. and matched in marriage with a gentlewoman, yoong, tall, and well fauoured of shape and countenance, who chancing to fall in familiaritie with one Mosbie a tailor by occupation, a blacke swart man,Loue and lust. seruant to the lord North, it happened this Mosbie vpon some misliking to fall out with hir: but she being desirous to be in fauour with him againe,A paire of sil|uer dice worke much mischiefe. sent him a paire of siluer dice by one Adam Foule dwelling at the Floure de lice in Feuersham.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After which he resorted to hir againe, and often|times laie in Ardens house: in somuch that within two yeares after, he obteined such fauour at hir hands, that he laie with hir, or (as they terme it) kept hir, in abusing hir bodie. And although (as it was said) Arden perceiued right well their mutuall fa|miliaritie to be much greater than their honestie, yet bicause he would not offend hir, and so loose the bene|fit which he hoped to gaine at some of hir f [...]éends hands in bearing with hir lewdnesse, which he might haue lost if he should haue fallen out with hir:Arden wi [...]|keth at his wiues l [...]w [...]|nesse, & [...] he was contented to winke at hir filthie disorder, and both permitted, and also inuited Mos [...]ie verie of [...]en EEBO page image 1063 to lodge in his house. And thus it continued a good space, before anie practise was begun by them a|gainst maister Arden. She at length inflamed in loue with Mosbie, and loathing hir husband, wished and after practised the meanes how to hasten his end.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Ardens wife a [...]tempteth [...] to make awaie hi [...] husband.There was a painter dwelling in Feuersham, who had skill of poisons, as was reported. She there|fore demanded of him, whether it were true that he had such skill in that feat or not? And he denied not but that he had in déed. Yea (said she) but I would haue such a one made, as should haue most vehement and speedie operation to dispatch the eater thereof. That can I doo (quoth he) and forthwith made hir such a one, and willed hir to put it into the bottome of a porrenger, & then after to powre milke on it. Which circumstance she forgetting, did cleane contrarie, putting in the milke first; and afterward the poison. Now maister Arden purposing that daie to ride to Canturburie,Ardens is poi|soned by his wife but reco|uereth. his wife brought him his breakefast, which was woont to be milke and butter. He hauing receiued a spoonefull or two of the milke, misliked the [...]ast and colour thereof, and said to his wife; Mistresse Ales what milke haue you giuen me here? Where|withall she tilted it ouer with hir hand, saieng, I wéene nothing can please you. Then he tooke horsse and road towards Canturburie, and by the waie fell into extreme purging vpwards and downewards, and so escaped for that time.

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