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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 1550 Anno Reg. 4.About the same time, monsieur de Thermes that succéeded monsieur de Desse in gouernement as ge|nerall of the French forces in Scotland, came be|fore Broughticrag, where he did so much by batterie & o [...]her kinds of inforcement, that giuing an assault both with his Frenchmen and certeine Scots ioi|ned with him, the twentith of Februarie, the fort was entered by fine force, and all within it either ta|ken or slaine.Sir Iohn Lutterell prisoner. Sir Iohn Lutterell gouernour of that peece remained prisoner amongst the Frenchmen. Moreouer, now after the end of the parlement, the earle of Warwike, hauing then highest authori|tie, and the rest of the lords of the councell,Erle of War|wike in high|est authoritie. calling to remembrance how the last yeare in the time of rebel|lion, the French king had entered Bullongnois, and woone diuerse of the English forts there, being of great importance for defense of the towne and countrie, the default whereof was imputed to the negligent gouernment of the lord protector: and for so much as they well vnderstood that the French king vpon further practise had placed a capteine cal|led the Reingraue, with diuerse regiments of Al|maine lancequenets,Morguison the midwaie betwéene Bullen and Calis. and certeine ensignes also of Frenchmen, to the number of foure or fiue thousand at the towne of Morguison, being the midwaie be|twéene Bullongne and Calis, to the great perill and danger as well of the counti [...] of Bollongnois, as al-of Calis, Guisnes, and all the low countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king therefore for the defense of the said fron|tiers, caused all the strangers which had serued that yeare against the rebels, being to the number of two thousand,It is agréed among the lords to inf [...]st and annoie the French. to be transported ouer the sea to the mar|ches of Calis. And now at Christmas last past, by or|der of the said earle, and of the councellors aforesaid, Francis earle of Huntington, and sir Edward Ha|stings his brother, sir Iames Croft, sir Leonard Chamberleine, and diuerse other capteins and soul|diers, to the number of thrée thousand, were set ouer to the marches of Calis, to ioine with the said stran|gers, minding with as conuenient speed as they might, to remooue the campe, and otherwise to an|noie the French. But in the meane time through the diligent trauell of certeine persons, speciallie of one Guidoti an Italian, and a Florentine borne, there was a motion made for a treatie to be had by cer|teine commissioners, appointed betwixt the kings of England and France, for the conclusion of some peace, vpon such reasonable conditions and articles as might be thought expedient for the present time; and to stand with the honor and commoditie of both the princes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This motion tooke such effect, that about the seuenth daie of Februarie, certeine commissioners,Commissio|ners sent to treat of peace. appoin|ted for this treatie, that is to wit, Iohn the earle of Bedford, the lord Paget, sir William Peter the kings chéefe secretarie, and sir Iohn Mason, arriued at Calis: by reason of whose comming, the earle of Huntington, and the armie sent ouer before for the defense of the frontiers were countermanded from anie attempt, so that little or nothing was doone in that voiage, sauing certeine skirmishes at diuerse times, not much materiall to be written of. These commissioners being thus arriued, passed from Ca|lis to Bullongne, there to méet with the commissio|ners appointed for the French king, where as a cer|teine house was newlie erected for the said treatie to be had, which was vpon the side of Bullongne ha|uen next to France, where after diuerse méetings & conferences of the commissioners of either partie, a finall peace was at last concluded betwixt both the realmes. But chéeflie among other things, for the restitution of Bullongne and Bullongnois to the Frenchmen, which were vpon certeine conditions following.

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