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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time that this rebellion (whereto all the foresaid discourse tendeth) began in the west, the like disordered hurles were attempted in Ox|fordshire, Iohn Fox. and Buckinghamshire: but they were spée|dilie appeased by the lord Greie of Wilton, who com|ming downe that waie to ioine with the lord priuie seale, chased the rebels to their houses, of whome two hundred were taken, and a dozzen of the ringleaders to him deliuered, wherof certeine afterwards were executed.Common rebellion. Moreouer, in diuerse other parts of the realme, namelie in the south and east parts, did the people (as before ye haue heard) assemble themselues in rebellious maner, committing manie foule disor|ders: but yet by good policie and holesome persuasi|ons they were appeased, except in Norffolke, where after there was a rumour spred, that the commons in Kent had throwne downe the diches and hedges, wherewith certeine pasture grounds were inclosed, and had laid the same open. Diuerse seditious per|sons and busie fellowes began to complaine that the like had not béene doone in Norffolke,Norffolke. and ceased not to practise how to raise the people to an open rebelli|on; meaning not onelie to laie open parkes and in|closures, but to attempt other reformations, as they termed them, to the great danger of ouerthrowing the whole state of the common-wealth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 They chieflie declared a spitefull rancor and hate|red conceiued against gentlemen, whome they mali|ciouslie accused of inordinat couetousnesse, pride, ra|pine, extortion, and oppression, practised against their tenants and other, for the which they accounted them worthie of all punishment.The begin|ning of the rebellion in Norffolke. Herevpon diuerse of them, namelie the inhabitants of Atilborough, and other of their neighbors, conceiuing no small dis|pleasure, for that one Gréene of Wilbie had taken in a parcell of the common pasture, as was supposed, belonging to the towne of Atilborough, and adioi|ning to the common pasture of Harsham, riotouslie assembled togither, and threw downe certeine new diches made by the said Gréene, to inclose in the said parcell of commons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This was doone before Midsummer, and so it re|sted till the sixt of Iulie,A conference to further this rebellion in a méeting at a publike plaie at which time there should be a publike plaie kept at Wimondham, a towne di|stant from Norwich six miles, which plaie had béene accustomed yearelie to be kept in that towne, conti|nuing for the space of one night and one daie at the least. Wherevpon the wicked contriuers of this vn|happie rebellion, tooke occasion by the assembling of such numbers of people as resorted thither to see that plaie, to enter further into their wicked enterprise: and vpon conference had, they immediatlie assem|bled at Morleie a mile from Wimondham, & there they cast downe certeine diches of maister Hub|bords on the tuesdaie, and that night they repaired to Wimondham againe, where they practised the like feats. But as yet they tooke no mans goods by vio|lence.

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