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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In Christmasse this yéere the castell of Hume was recouered out of the Englishmens hands, through treson of certeine assured Scots, that vsing to bring vittels of the Englishmen that kept it, had marked all the manner of the scouts and watches, with the places of the wall where the clime was most easie. Whervpon in the night season, certeine of the Scots secretlie comming into the ditches, got vp to the heigth of the wals, and entring the place, slue and tooke vpon the sudden all that were within it. The sixtéenth of Ianuarie, sir Thomas Seimer baron of Sudleie, lord admerall, and brother to the duke of Summerset lord protector,Sir Thomas Seimer sent to the tower. was arrested and sent to the tower, and after by authoritie of parlement he was attainted, and the twentith of March next insu|ing, Anno Reg. 3. in the third yeare of this kings reigne be headed at tower hill. Moreouer in this parlement,The masse abolished. the vse of the masse was clearlie prohibited, and a booke for the vniformitie of diuine seruice, and right admini|stration of the sacraments, was set foorth and esta|blished.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Yee haue heard how the Frenchmen fortified the towne of Dundee, where monsieur de Etauges,Monsieur de Etauges ta|ken prisoner. with his companie of horssemen lieng in garrison chanced in a skirmish to be taken by the English|men that laie in Broughticrag, to the great reioi|sing of them that tooke him, and no lesse gréefe of the French and Scots, for the tried valiancie that was throughlie knowne to rest in him. Moreouer, the Englishmen that kept the towne of Hadington all this while against the enimies, could not come by a|nie vittels, but onelie by a conuoie of some conueni|ent power to gard the cariages that brought the same from the borders. And as it fortuned at one time when the conuoie came and passed by Dunbar, a skirmish was proffered by the French which laie within that castell in garrison. And as sir Iames Wilford that was there amongst other vpon this occasion (according to his woonted valiancie) shew|ed himselfe verie forward and egre against the eni|mie, he was inclosed by an ambush, which the French|men had laid on ech side the stréete within the towne, that he could by no means escape out of their hands, but hauing his horsse there slaine vnder him, was taken prisoner euen by a Gascoigne of the countrie of Basque named Pellieque,Sir Iames Wilford taken prisoner. that woone no small commendation for that his good hap, in taking such a prisoner, whose name for his often approoued prow|esse was verie famous euen among the enimies, who saw well inough a resolutenesse in the man ra|ther by perillous aduentures to purchase the perpe|tuitie of renowme, than by defect of courage or neg|ligent seruice to loose both life and same. Which per|suasion should enter into the hart of euerie seruitor in the field, if they will be counted right valiant in|deed, considering that he which in his life time dooth performe nothing worthie memorie, is like a plaier entring vpon the stage, but shewing nothing either in spéech or in action, as the poet verie fitlie saith:

Qui nullum facinus tota memorabile vita
Ediderint, obscuri homines migrare videntur
Hinc, vt qui structa nil dixerit histrio scena.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Some haue written that he was taken through default of those that were appointed to follow him, sith he vndertooke to charge the enimie, in hope that by them he should haue beene assisted. But suerlie those that had the charge of this conuoie, doubting by aduenturing too far, to put all in hazard, thought it wisedome rather to suffer the losse of one, than to ieopard the whole; not perceiuing which waie to re|medie the matter at that present. Now after that the generall of Hadington was thus taken prisoner, to the great griefe vndoubtedlie, not onelie of all the garrison there, but also of all such as tendered the ad|uancement of the kings maiesties seruice, sir Iames Crofts was thought a man most méet to supplie the place,Sir Iames Crofts gene|rall of Had|ington. and therefore by the lord protector and others of the councell was ordeined generall of that towne of Hadington, and the garrison there, in which roome he bare himselfe so worthilie, as if I should not be suspected of flatterie, for that he liueth yet, and in such credit (as the world knoweth) I might mooue my selfe matter to saie rather much than suf|ficientlie inough in his due and right deserued com|mendation.

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