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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Scots either for feare of the Englishmens departing, or hope of their spoiling, were out of their campe comming toward them, passed the riuer, ga|thered in araie, and well néere at this church, yer the Englishmen were halfe waie to it, so quite dis|appointing the Englishmens purpose. Which at the first séemed verie strange in their eies, as altogither beside their expectation, as they that thought they would neuer haue forsaken their strength, to méet them in the field. But after it was knowne that they did not onelie thus purpose to doo, but also to haue assailed them in their campe, as they laie if they had not béene stirring the timelier, and hauing caused all their tents to be let flat downe to the ground, yer they came out, bicause none should lie lurking be|hind them in their campe, and as well the nobles as other, leauing their horsses behind them (except such as were appointed to serue on horssebacke) mar|ched on with their souldiors on foot.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 They came spéedilie forwards on both sides,The English+men & Scots march the one armie toward the other. the one till then no whit aware of the others intent: but the Scots indeed with a rounder pase betweene two hillocks, betwixt the Englishmen and the church, mu|stred somewhat brim, at whome as they staied, the English gallie shot off, & slue the maister of Greime,The gallie. with fiue and twentie others néere by him, and there|with so skard foure thousand Irish archers,The Irish archers. brought by the earle of Argile, that where (as it was said) they should haue béene a wing to the fore-ward, they could neuer after be made to come forward. Hervp|on did their armie hastilie remooue, & from thence de|clining southward, tooke their direct waie toward Fauxside braie. Of this, sir Rafe Uane, lieutenant of all the English horssemen, first of all, or with the first, noting it, quicklie aduertised the lord protector, who thereby did readilie conceiue their meaning, which was to win the hill, and thereby the wind and sunne, the gaine of which thrée things (as is thought) whether partie in fight of battell can hap to obteine, hath his force doubled against his enimie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In all this enterprise, they vsed for haste so little the helpe of horsse, that they plucked foorth their ordi|nance by draught of men, which at that present be|gan fréelie to shoot off towards the English armie, whereby it was perceiued they ment more than a skirmish.Consultation of the Eng|lish lords on horssebacke. Herewith euerie man began to applie him selfe in his charge and dutie which he had to doo. And herewith the lord protector, and other of the councell on horssebacke as they were, fell streight in consul|tation. The sharpenesse of whose circumspect wise|doms, as it quicklie espied out the enimies intents, so did it among other things promptlie prouide ther|in remedie, to preuent them (as néedfull it was) for the time asked no leisure.

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