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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After that the earle of Hertford, Anno Reg. 36. and the lord ad|merall, accompanied with the earle of Shrewesbu|rie, the lords Cobham, Clinton, Couiers, Stinton, the lord William Howard; and manie other right valiant knights, gentlemen, and capteines, had lien with the armie and nauie readie at Newcastell a certeine time,The armie setteth for|ward by sea towards Scotland. looking for a prosperous wind to set forward on their purposed iournie, at length the same came about verie fit to serue their turne, and then with all spéed the soldiers were bestowed aboord, euerie companie in their appointed vessels: and here|with vp went the sailes, and forth they got into the maine seas, making their course directlie towards the Forth, a gulfe or riuer in Scotland, able to beare vessels fiftie miles vp within the countrie. There were at the least two hundred saile which the lord ad|merall had caused to come togither, according to his commission, rigged, trimmed,The number of the Eng|lish armie. and furnished with all things necessarie for the conduction of such an armie, estéemed to be about ten thousand men.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The third of Maie they arriued in the Forth, en|tring betwéene two Ilands, the Bas and the Maie.The English armie landeth in Sco [...]land. The next daie being the fourth of Maie, the whole ar|mie was landed two miles by west the towne of Lith, at a place called Grantham crag. And forth|with the lord lieutenant putting his people in good EEBO page image 962 order of warre, marched on towards the said towne of Lith. The lord admerall led the fore-ward, the lord lieutenant the battell, and the earle of Shrewesburie gouerned the rere-ward. Before they came to the towne of Lith, they found in their waie readie to im|peach their passage six thousand horssemen beside foot|men. At the first the Scots made towards the Eng|lishmen,The Scots offer to im|peach the Englishmens passage. as if they had ment to set vpon the voward: but being manfullie assailed by the hatquebutters, fiue hundred in number, and shrewdlie by them cur|ried and galled, they had no mind to come forward, but perceiuing how willing the Englishmen were to incounter with them, after certeine shot on both sides, they made a sudden retreat, and leauing their artillerie behind them,The Scots flie to Eden|burgh. they fled to Edenburgh.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The first man that fled (as the talke went) was the cardinall, who perceiuing the deuotion which the En|glishmen had to sée his holinesse, had no mind to ta|rie. With him also fled the gouernour, the earles of Huntleie, Murreie, and Bothwell: as for their soldi|ers, they were disparkled, and feared the English forces as the lambe dooth the wolfe, the doe the dog, or the hart the lion: to vse the words of Anglorum praelia verie fitlie describing this battell, and saieng:

Exhorrent, vt dama canes, vt cerua leones.

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