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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wood was sold verie deare in the winter season of this yeare,A dearth. and likewise vittels both flesh and fish grew to an high price towards the spring, by reason (as was thought) of the vntemperate wet summer last past, causing great death among cattell. A quar|ter of mutton was sold for two shillings, or seuen grotes, a lambe at thrée shillings, or thrée and foure pence, which afore that time was esteemed scarse woorth sixteene pence. Against Easter at a court of aldermen kept in the Guildhall the twentith of March 1542 it was enacted by the lord maior and his brethren,A necessarie & wholsome ordinance for moderati|on in diet. that the maior and shiriffs should be serued at their tables but with one course at dinner and supper in their houses; the maior to haue but seuen di|shes at the most at one messe for his owne table, and the shiriffs and euerie other alderman but six dishes, vpon paine to forfeit for euerie dish fortie shillings at euerie time when they offended in this ordinance. Also that the sargeants and yeomen of their houses should haue but thrée dishes at dinner or supper, the swordbearers messe onlie excepted, which should be allowed to haue one dish more. It was also enacted, that from the feast of Easter then next insuing, nei|ther the maior nor his brethren should buie anie crane, swan, or bustard, vpon paine to forfeit for eue|rie foule by them so bought, twentie shillings, the of|fense to be tried by oth, if it should be presented. Anno. Reg. 35. A league be|twixt the king of England and the empe|rour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the beginning of this yeare, on Trinitie sundaie, was a new league sworne betwéene the EEBO page image 960 king and the emperour at Hampton court, either of them to be friends to the others friends, and enimies to the others enimies. Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 1016. Whit meats licenced to be eaten in Lent, and noble men punished for breaking the law. ¶ In this yeare also a procla|mation was made, whereby the people were licen|ced to eate whit meats in Lent, but streictlie for|bidden the eating of flesh. Wherevpon shortlie after the earle of Surrie, with diuerse lords, knights, and gentlemen, were imprisoned for eating of flesh in the same Lent, contrarie to the said proclamation. The eight of Maie, one Léech, sometimes bailie of Louth,Summerset an herald kil|led, & the offen|dor dieth as a traitor. who had killed Summerset one of our heralds of armes at Dunbar in Scotland, was drawne to Tiburne, and there hanged and quartered. And the twelfe of Iune, Edward Leech his brother, and with him a priest, for the same fact were likewise executed at Tiburne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 This yeare the first cast péeces of iron that euer were made in England,First iron péeces cast. were made at Buckesteed in Sussex, by Rafe Hoge, and Peter Bawd.] The third of Iune came to the court from the realme of Ireland, thrée Irish lords, Obrin, Macke William a Burgh,Creations of earles and barons. and Macke Gilpatrike. In Iulie the said Obrin was created earle of Townon, Macke Wil|liam a Burgh, earle of Claurickford, and sir Dunon Obrin was made baron of Ebrankie, and so with rewards they tooke leaue and returned. The same moneth also, the Scotish ambassadors returned with great rewards. The twelfe of Iulie, at Hamp|ton court,The king ma|rieth the ladie Katharine Par. the king maried the ladie Katharine Par, widow, late wife vnto the lord Latimer deceased, and then she was nominated quéene, and so pro|clamed.

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