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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The fiue and twentith of Februarie, sir Ihon Al|len priest, and also an Irish gentleman of the Garets were hanged & quartered at Tiburne. The second of March, the image of the rood, called saint Sauior at Bermonseie abbeie in Southworke,Saint Saui|or in South|worke. was taken downe by the kings commandement. The one and twentith of March, Henrie Harsam customer of Plimmouth, and Thomas Ewell, were hanged and quartered at Tiburne.] In Maie a frier obseruant called frier Forrest was apprehended, for that he was knowne in secret confessions to haue declared to manie of the kings liege people, Anno Reg 30. Frier For|rest. that the king was not supreame head of the church, where he had by his oth neuerthelesse affirmed him so to be. Wher|vpon in his examination, that point being laid to his charge, he answered that he tooke his oth with his outward man, but his inward man neuer consented therevnto. But being further accused of diuerse he|reticall and damnable opinions that he held & main|teined contrarie to the scripture, at length being not able to defend the same, he submitted himselfe to the punishment of the church.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Now when vpon this his submission, hauing more libertie than before he had to talke with whome he would, and other hauing libertie to talke with him, he was incensed by some such as had conference with him, that when his formall abiuration was sent him to read and peruse, he vtterlie refused it, and obstinatelie stood in all his heresies and trea|sons. Wherevpon he was condemned, & afterwards on a paire of new gallowes prepared for him in Smithfield, he was hanged by the middle and arme|holes all quicke, and vnder the gallowes was made a fire wherewith he was consumed and burnt to death.Frier For|rest burnt. There were diuerse of the councell present at his death readie to haue granted him pardon, if a|nie sparke of repentance would haue appeared in him. There was also a pulpit prepared, in which that renowmed preacher Hugh Latimer, then bi|shop of Worcester, by manifest scriptures confuted the friers errors, and with manie godlie exhortati|ons mooued him to repentance, but he would neither heare nor speake.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 A little before the execution, an huge and great image was brought to the gallowes. This image was fetched out of Wales, which the Welshmen had in great reuerence: and it was named Daruell Ga|theren. They had a prophesie in Wales, that this image should set a whole forest on fire, which prophesie was now thought to take effect,A prophesie. for he set this frier Forrest on fire, and consumed him to nothing. The frier when he saw the fire come, caught hold on the ladder, which he would not let go, but in that sort vn|patientlie tooke his death, so as if one might iudge him by his outward man, he appeared (saith Hall) to haue small knowledge of God, and lesse trust in him at his ending: otherwise he would haue béene per|suaded to patience, R [...]c. Graf. in fol. pag. 1237. and a christian farewell to the world. ¶Upon the gallows that he died on, was set vp in great letters these verses here following:

Dauid Daruell Gatheren,
As saith the Welshmen,
Fetched outlawes out of hell:
Now is he come with speare and shield,
In harnesse to burne in Smithfield,
For in Wales he maie not dwell.
And Forrest the frier,
That obstinate lier,
That wilfullie shall be dead:
In his contumacie,
The gospell dooth denie,
The king to be supreme head.]

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