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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Rich. Grafton. The inuenti|on of casting pipes.About this season the maner of casting pipes of lead for the conueiance of water vnder the ground, without occupieng of soulder to the same, was in|uented by Robert Brocke clearke, then one of the kings chapleins, an inuention right necessarie for the sauing of expenses: for two men and a boie will doo that in one daie, which before could not be doone by manie men in manie daies. Robert Cooper gold|smith was the first that made the instruments, and put this inuention in practise. ¶ In the verie begin|ning of this yeare, Anno reg. 29. certeine commissioners being sent into Summersetshire to take vp corne, the peo|ple began to make an insurrection: but by the wise|dome and diligence of yoong master Paulet & others the same was suppressed, and the beginners thereof, to the number of thréescore, were apprehended & con|demned, and fourtéene of them were hanged and quartered, one of the number being a woman, the residue were saued by the kings mercifull par|don.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In Iune the lord Darcie & the lord Huseie were arreigned at Westminster before the marquesse of Excester then high steward,Execution. where they were found guiltie, and had iudgement, as in cases of high trea|son. Shortlie after also were arreigned sir Robert Constable, sir Thomas Persie, sir Francis Bigod, sir Stephan Hamilton, sir Iohn Bulmer,Areignment. and his wife, or rather (as some report) his paramour: also William Lomleie, Nicholas Tempest, William Thurst abbat of Founteins, Adam Subburie abbat of Ierueux, William Wold prior of Birlington, al|so the abbat of Riuers, and Robert Aske.Execution. They were all found guiltie of high treason, and all put to death. Sir Robert Constable was hanged in chains ouer Beuerleie gate at Hull, and Robert Aske was also hanged in chains on a tower at Yorke, and Marga|ret Cheineie sir Iohn Bulmers paramour burnt in Smithfield in London. The other suffered at Ti|burne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 In the latter end of Iune, was the lord Darcie beheaded at the Tower hill, and shortlie after the lord Huseie was likewise beheaded at Lincolne. This yeare at saint Georges feast, was the lord Crom|well made knight of the garter. In October on saint Edwards euen,The birth of king Edward the sixt. which falleth on the twelft of that moneth, at Hampton court the quéene was deliue|red of hir sonne named Edward, for whose birth great ioie was made thorough the realme, with thanksgiuing to almightie God, who had sent such a yoong prince to succéed his father in the crowne of this realme (as afterwards he did) by the name of king Edward the sixt. His godfathers at the font|stone were the archbishop of Canturburie & the duke of Norffolke, the ladie Marie was his godmoother, and at the bishopping, the duke of Suffolke was his godfather. On the eightéenth of October he was made prince of Wales, duke of Cornewall, and erle of Chester.

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