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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 In this time died the earle of Kildare, prisoner in the Tower, and his sonne Thomas Fitzgaret be|gan to rebell, and tooke all the kings ordinance, and sent to the emperour, requiring him to take his part: also he slue the bishop of Dublin, and robbed all such as would not obeie him. In the beginning of this yeare, the duke of Norffolke and the bishop of Elie went to Calis, Anno Reg. 27. and thither came the admerall of France. On the two & twentith of Aprill the prior of the Charterhouse at London, Iohn Stow. Certeine pri|ors arreigned and executed for treason. the prior of Beuall, the prior of Erham, Reinalds a brother of Sion, & Iohn vicar of Thistleworth, were arreigned and condem|ned of treason: and therevpon drawne, hanged and quartered at Tiburne the fourth of Maie: their heads and quarters were set ouer the bridge & gates of the citie, one quarter excepted, which was set vp at the Charterhouse at London. ¶ On the eight of Maie, the king commanded that all belonging to the court should poll their heads, & to giue example, caused his owne head to be polled, and his beard from thencefoorth was cut round, but not shauen, which fashion the courtiers imbraced, and would (no doubt) haue put in practise, though they had not beene there|vnto bound by precept: for the people imitate the prince, as the poet long ago well noted, saieng:

Regis ad exemplum totus componitur orbis.

¶The fiue and twentith daie of Maie, was in saint Paules church at London examined ninetéene men and six women borne in Holland, Iohn Stow. pag. 1004. Hollanders condemned for heretikes. whose opinions were, first, that in Christ is not two natures, God and man: secondlie, that Christ tooke neither flesh nor bloud of the virgin Marie: thirdlie, that children borne of infidels shall be saued: fourthlie, that bap|tisme of children is to none effect: fiftlie, that the sa|crament of Christs bodie is but bread onelie: sixtlie, that he, who after his baptisme sinneth wittinglie, sinneth deadlie, and cannot be saued. Fourtéene of them were condemned, a man & a woman of them were burned in Smithfield, the other twelue were sent to other townes there to be burnt.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On the ninetéenth of Iune were three moonkes of the Charterhouse hanged,Moonks of ye Charterhouse executed. drawne, and quartered at Tiburne, and their heads and quarters set vp about London, for denieng the king to be supreme head of the church: their names were, Exmew, Middlemoore, and Nudigate. Also the one and twen|tith of the same monethThe bishop of Rochester beheaded. and for the same cause, doc|tor Iohn Fisher bishop of Rochester was beheaded for denieng of the supremacie, and his head set vpon London bridge, but his bodie buried within Bar|king churchyard. This bishop was of manie sore la|mented, for he was reported to be a man of great learning, and of a verie good life. The pope had elec|ted him a cardinall, and sent his hat as far as Calis, but his head was off before his hat was on so that they met not.Sir [...] M [...]re be|headed. On the sixt of Iulie was sir Thomas Moore beheaded for the like crime, that is to wit, for denieng the king to be supreme head. And then the bodie of doctor Fisher was taken vp, and buried with sir Thomas Moores in the Tower. This man was both learned and wise, and giuen much to a cer|teine pleasure in merie taunts and [...]easting in most of his communication, which maner he forgat not at the verie houre of his death.

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