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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The fourtéenth daie of Maie, Anno reg. [...]4 The parlem [...] proroged. the parlement was proroged till the fourth of Februarie next comming. After which prorogation, sir Thomas Moore, chancel|lor of England, after long sutes made to the king to be discharged of his office, the sixtéenth of Maie he de|liuered to the king at Westminster the great seale of England,Sir Thomas Moore deliue|reth vp the great seale. and was with the kings fauour dischar|ged, which seale the king kept till mondaie in Whit|sunwéeke, on which daie he dubbed Thomas Audleie speaker of the parlement, knight,Sir Thomas Audleie lord kéeper of the great seale. and made him lord kéeper of the great seale, and so he was called. ¶ The king being informed, that the pope and the French king should meet in the beginning of the next spring at Marseiles, he thought good for diuerse considera|tions, to speake with the French king in his owne person, before the pope and he should come togither: wherevpon it was concluded, that in October follo|wing, both the princes should méet betwéene Calis and Bullongne. Wherfore the king of England sent out his letters to his nobles, prelats, and seruants, commanding them to be readie at Canturburie the six and twentith of September, to passe the seas with him, for the accomplishment of the interuiew be|twixt him and the French king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On the first of September being sundaie,The ladie Anne Bul|longne created marchiones of Penbroke. the K. being come to Windsor, created the ladie Anne Bullongne marchionesse of Penbroke, and gaue to hir one thousand pounds land by the yeare; and that solemnitie finished, he rode to the college, where af|ter that seruice was ended, a new league was con|cluded and sworne betwene the king, and the French king, Messire Pomoraie the French ambassador be|ing present. On the tenth of October,The king passeth ouer to Calis. the king came to Douer, and on the eleuenth daie in the morning at thrée of the clocke hée tooke shipping at Douer rode, and before ten of the same daie, he with the la|die marchionesse of Penbroke landed at Calis, where he was receiued with all honour, and lodged at the Eschecker. There came to him whilest he laie in Calis, diuerse lords from the French court, and amongst other the lord great maister of France, and the archbishop of Roane, which were honorablie of him receiued, and with them he tooke a daie and place of méeting with the king their maister.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherevpon the one and twentith of October, he marched out of Calis, accompanied with the dukes of Norffolke and Suffolke, the marquesses of Dor|set and Excester, the erles of Arundell, Oxford, Sur|reie, Essex, Darbie, Rutland, Huntington, and Sus|sex, with diuerse vicounts, barons, knights of the garter, and other of the nobilitie and gentlemen freshlie apparelled, and richlie trimmed; and com|ming to the place appointed, he there met with the French king,The inter|uiew betwixt the kings of England and France. who was come to receiue him with all honor that might be: and after salutations and em|bracings vsed in most louing maner, the king of England went with the French K. to Bullongne; and by the waie was incountered by the French kings thrée sons, and other great lords that atten|ded them, with welcomming the king of England; he them gentlie receiued, and so all this noble com|panie came to Bullongne, where the king of Eng|land and his nobles were so noblie interteined, fea|sted, banketed, and cheared, that woonder it was to consider the great plentie of viands, spices, wines, and all other prouision necessarie for man and horsse, so that there was no more but aske and haue; and no man durst take anie monie, for the French king paid for all.

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