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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 23.When the vniuersitie aforesaid, and a great num|ber of clearks and well learned men had determined the kings marriage to be vnlawfull, detestable, and against Gods law (as you haue heard) the king wil|ling the quéene to haue knowledge of the same, sent to hir diuerse lords of the councell, the last daie of Maie, being the wednesdaie in Whitsun wéeke: the which Lords,M [...]ssage sent to the quéene from the king. in hir chamber at Gréenewich, declared to hir all the determinations (as you haue heard) and asked hir whether she would (for the quietnesse of the kings conscience) put the matter to foure prelats, and foure temporall lords of this realme, or abide by hir appeale? The quéene answered:

The king my fa|ther which concluded my marriage, I am sure, was not so ignorant but he asked counsell of clearks and well learned men before he married me the second time: for if he had had anie doubt in my marriage, he would not haue disbursed so great a tresure as he did, & then all the doctors in a maner agréed my mar|riage to be good, insomuch that the pope himselfe, which knew best what was to be doone, did both di|spense and ratifie the second marriage, against whose dooings I maruell that any person will speake or write.

And as to the determination of the vniuersitie, I am a woman, and lacke wit and learning to answer to them, but to God I commit the iudgement of that, whether they haue doone iustlie or parciallie: for this I am sure, that neither the kings father, nor my fa|ther would haue condescended to our marriage, if it had beene declared to be vnlawfull. And where you saie that I should put the cause to eight persons of this realme for quietnesse of the kings conscience, I pray God send his grace a quiet conscience. And this shall be your answer: that I saie I am his lawfull wife, and to him lawfullie married, and by the order of holie church I was to him espoused as his true wife (although I was not so woorthie) and in that point I will abide till the court of Rome, which was priuie to the beginning, haue made thereof a deter|mination and finall ending.

With this answer the lords departed to the king, which was sorie to heare of hir wilfull opinion, and in especiall that the more trusted in the popes law, than in kéeping the precepts of God.]

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