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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the beginning of this yeare was the hauing and reading of the new testament in English tran|slated by Tindall, Ioie, and others, Anno. Reg. 2 [...]. The new te|stament tran|slated into English. forbidden by the king with the aduise of his councell, and namelie the bishops, which affirmed that the same was not trulie translated, and that therein were prologs and prefaces sounding to heresie, with vncharitable railing against bishops and the cleargie. The king therefore commanded the bishops, that they calling to them the best learned men of the vniuersities, should cause a new translation to be made, that the people without danger might read the same for their better instruction in the lawes of God, and his holie word. Diuerse persons that were detected to vse reading of the new testament, and other bookes in English set foorth by Tindall, and such other as were fled the realme, were punished by order taken a|gainst them by sir Thomas Moore then lord chancel|lor, who held greatlie against such bookes, but still the number dailie increased.

¶ In this yeare in Maie, Edw. Hall in H. 8. fol. Cxci [...] the bishop of London EEBO page image 914 caused all his new testaments which he had bought with manie other bookes,Tindals te|staments burned. to be brought into Paules churchyard in London, and there were openlie bur|ned. In the end of this yeare, the wild Irishmen, knowing the earle of Kildare to be in England, en|tered his land,The wild I|rish spoile the earle of Kil|dares coun|trie, &c. and spoiled and burnt his countrie, with diuerse other countries. And the erle of Osserie being the kings deputie made little resistance, for lacke of power. Wherfore the king sent the earle of Kildare into Ireland, & with him sir William Ske|uington knight, master of the kings ordinance, and diuerse gunners with him, which so politikelie orde|red themselues, that their enimies were glad to of|fer amends, and to treat for truce: & so sir William Skeuington the next yeere returned into England, leauing there the earle of Kildare for the kings de|putie.

Now I will returne to the execution of the trea|tie of Cambreie,The executi|on of the trea|tie accorded vpon at Cam|breie. in the which it was agréed, that the ladie Eleanor and the French kings children should be deliuered when the ransome appointed was paied as you haue heard in the last yeare. Wherefore the French king gathered monie of his subiects with all speed, and when the monie was readie, he sent the great master of France called Annas de Memoran|cie and diuerse other nobles to Baion with the mo|nie, and to receiue the ladie and the children. And thi|ther came to them the great constable of Castile and monsieur Prat for the emperour, & there the crowns were weied and touched: and what fault soeuer the Spaniards found in them they would not receiue a great number of them, and so they carried the chil|dren backe from Fontarbie into Spaine. Thus the great master of France and his companie laie still at Baion, without hauing his purpose performed, from March till the end of Iune, and longer had lien if the king of England had not sent sir Francis Brian to Baion to warrant the paiement: where vp|on the daie of deliuerance was appointed to be on saint Peters daie in Iune.

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