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Compare 1577 edition: 1 On the two and twentith of Februarie the king created at Windsor sir Piers Butler of Ireland,Creation of the earle of Osserie. erle of Osserie. ¶Also a Dutch craire of Armew cha|sed a French craire vp the Thames from Margate to the Tower wharfe, and there as they fought sir Edmund Walsingham lieutenant of the Tower perceiuing them,Sir Edmund Walsingham. called his men togither, and ente|ring the ships tooke both the capteins. The kings councell tooke vp the matter betwixt them, for the Fleming chalenged the Frenchman as a lawfull prise. An abstinence of the warre was taken in the beginning of this yeare betwixt Flanders, and the countries of Picardie on this side the riuer of Some to begin the first of Maie & indure till the last of Fe|bruarie.A truce and the benefits insuing from the same. By means of this truce all the Englishmen might lawfullie passe into the low countries, but not into Spaine: which sore gréeued the merchants that haunted those parties. It was further agréed, that if no generall peace could be had, during the time of this truce: then all the merchants should haue respit two moneths after to passe into their owne coun|tries with their wares and merchandizes in safetie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the end of Maie began in the citie of London the disease called the sweating sickenesse,The sweating sickenesse, whereof died both courtiers and others. which af|terwards infected all places of the realme, and slue manie within fiue or six houres after they sickened. This sickenesse, for the maner of the taking of the pa|tients, was an occasion of remembring that great sweat which raged in the reigne of this kings grand|father; and happilie men caused the same remedie then vsed to be reuiued. By reason of this sickenesse, the tearme was adiourned, and the circuit of the as|sises also. There died diuerse in the court of this sick|nesse, as sir Francis Poins, which had béene am|bassadour in Spaine, and diuerse others. The king for a space remooued almost euerie daie till he came to Tintinhangar, a place of the abbat of saint Al|bons, and there he with the quéene, and a small com|panie about them, remained till the sickenesse was past. In this great mortalitie died sir William Compton knight, and William Carew esquier;Sir William Compton. which were of the kings priuie chamber.

¶A prisoner brake from the sessions hall at New|gate when the sessions was doone, Abr. Fl. ex [...] pag 959. A prisoner brake frõ the sessions house. Register of Greie friers. which prisoner was brought downe out of Newgate in a basket, he séemed so weake: but now in the end of the sessions he brake thorough the people vnto the Greie friers church, and there was kept six or seauen daies yer the shiriffes could speake with him, and then bicause he would not abiure and aske a crowner, with vio|lence they tooke him thense, and cast him againe in prison, but the law serued not to hang him.]

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