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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The emperour at the request of this sir Francis Poins,The emperor releaseth 12 preiudiciall articles to the French king. who made the same in name of his maister the king of England, was contented to release twelue articles, which were reputed most preiudiciall to the French king, onelie to gratifie the king of England: but the cardinall kept the king still in dis|pleasure toward the emperor, for the fauour which he bare to the French king, whose onelie purposes he sought to aduance. The articles which were drawne at Amiens when the cardinall was there, were exhi|bited to the emperor by the French ambassadors, and EEBO page image 899 bicause he refused the same, word was sent to Cla|renceaux king of armes, to make defiance to the emperor. Wherevpon on the wednesdaie the two and twentith of Ianuarie, Guien king of armes to the French king, and Clarenceaux king of armes to the king of England, being in the citie of Burges in Spaine, came to the court of Charles the elect empe|rour, about nine of the clocke in the morning, and there did request of his maiestie, that it would please him to appoint them an houre of audience.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The lord de Chaoux by ordinance from his ma|iestie gaue them answer, that it should be about ten of the clocke before noone the same daie. And at the same houre his maiestie came into the great hall of his court accompanied with diuerse prelats,The emperor [...]mmeth at [...] houre of [...]dience. dukes, marquesses, earles, barons, and other great lords and good personages, of diuerse nations of his king|dome and seigniories in great number. The empe|rour sitting in a chaire prepared according to his dignitie, the two kings of armes of France & Eng|land being in the nether end of the hall, holding vpon their left arms each one his coat of armes, did make three solemne reuerences accustomed, with knée to the ground. And when they were at the lowest staire before his imperiall maiestie, Clarenceaux king of armes of England, hauing the words in both their names, spake as followeth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2

Sir, following the three edicts inuiolablie kept and obserued by your predecessors emperours of Rome,The words of Clarence| [...]ux king of armes to the emperor. kings, princes, and capteins, Guien king of armes of the most christened king; and also Claren|ceaux king of armes to the king of England our so|uereigne & naturall lords: we presenting our selues before your sacred maiestie, for to declare certeine things from the said kings our maisters: beseech your maiestie, that hauing regard to the said lawes according to your benignitie and mercie, that it would please you to giue vs sure accesse and good in|treating in your countries, lands, and seigniories, at|tending your answer, with sure conduct to returne vnto the countries, lands, and seigniories of our said souereigne lords.The emperor giueth the heralds liber|tie to speake.
The emperour then bad them saie on whatsoeuer the kings your maisters haue giuen you in charge: your priuileges shall be kept, none shall doo you anie displeasure within my kingdomes or territories. After this, Guien read a writing signed with the hand of the said Guien king of armes.

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