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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the end of March, the king sent for all the yeomen of the gard that were come from Tornaie,The [...] of [...] rewarde [...]. and after manie good words giuen to them, he gran|ted to euerie of them foure pence the daie without attendance, except they were speciallie commanded. Abr. Fl. ex [...] ¶ And here it seemeth requisit to adde the report of a forreine chronicler touching the league of amitie and conditions of the same, knit vp in breuitie and good tearmes as followeth. Now (saith he) the differences betwéene the French and English were also recon|ciled. And for the more stabilitie of which agreement, it was confirmed with a contract of parentage and aliance, wherein the king of England promised to giue his onelie daughter, to whome hauing no sons, there was hope of the descending & succession of the kingdome to the Dolphin the eldest sonne of the crowne of France,The porti [...] giuẽ with [...] kings daugh|ter of Eng|land. adding for a portion foure hun|dred thousand duckets. Both the one and the other bore yet so tender age, that infinit accidents might happen, before perfection of yeeres would make them able to establish matrimonie. There was made betwene them a league defensiue, wherin were com|prehended Cesar, and the king of Spaine, in case they would ratifie it in a certeine time.

The king of England bound himselfe to restore Tornaie, receiuing presentlie for defraiments ex|pended vpon that towne, two hundred and threescore thousand duckets, and thrée hundred thousand to bée defalked of the portion, and to paie thrée hundred thou|sand more in the space of twelue yeares. The French king also was bound, that if the peace and the paren|tage folowed not, to render vp againe into the hands of the English, the towne of Tornaie. Manie am|bassadours were sent from both the realmes to ne|gociat this league, and to receiue the ratifications and othes, by whome in the courts of both the kings the acts of the accord were dispatched with great so|lemnitie and ceremonie, with a resolution of an in|teruiew of both the kings betwéene Calis and Bul|longne, immediatlie after the restitution of Tor|naie.

About the same time, the daughter of the French king, appointed to be married to the king of Spaine, being dead,Peace and [...]liance betwix [...] the French king and the Spanish so|lemnlie ce|lebrated. the former peace and capitulation was eftsoones reconfirmed betwéene them, wherein was promised the marriage of the second daughter of France. Both the kings celebrated this coniunction with most great demonstrations of perfect amitie: for the king of Spaine, hauing paied in at Lions an hundred thousand duckets, ware publikelie the order of saint Michaell vpon the day of the celebration of the same, and in recompense of that honour: the French king, vpon the daie dedicated to saint An|drew, was honorablie attired in the robes and colour of the golden fléece.

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