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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king at the first staid, but after long sute, and speciallie by meane of the French quéene hir selfe, and other the dukes fréends, it was agreed that the duke should bring hir into England vnmarried, and at his returne to marrie hir in England: but for doubt of change he married hir secretlie in Paris at the house of Clugnie, as was said. After he had re|ceiued hir with hir dower appointed, & all hir apparell, Anno Reg. 7. The French quéene mar|ried to the duke of Suf [...]folke. iewels, and houshold stuffe deliuered, they tooke leaue of the new French king, and so passing thorough France, came to Calis; where she was honourablie interteined, and after openlie married with great honour vnto the said duke of Suffolke. Doctor West (as then nominated bishop of Elie) remained behind at Paris, to go through with the full conclusi|on of a new league betwixt the king of England, and the new French king.

¶The court lieng at Gréenewich, Edw. Hall in Hen. 8. fol lvj. Robin hood and his tw [...] hundred men present the [...]selues to the king & [...] in a [...] the king and the quéene, accompanied with manie lords and ladies, road to the high ground of shooters hill to take the o|pen aire; and as they passed by the waie, they espied a companieof tall yeomen, clothed all in gréene with gréene hoods, and bowes and arrowes, to the num|ber of two hundred. Then one of them, which called himselfe Robin hood, came to the king, desiring him to sée his men shoot; and the king was content. Then he whisteled, and all the two hundred archers shot and losed at once; and then he whisteled againe, and they likewise shot againe; their arrowes whisteled by craft of the head, so that the noise was strange and great, and much pleased the king, the quéene, and all the companie. All these archers were of the kings gard, and had thus apparelled themselues to make solace to the king.

Then Robin hood desired the king and quéene to come into the greene wood, and to sée how the out|lawes liued. [...] king demanded of the queene & hir ladies, if they durst aduenture to go into the wood with so manie outlawes. Then the quéene said, that if it pleased him she was content. Then the hornes blew, till they came to the wood vnder shooters hill, & there was an arbor made of boughes with a hall, and a great chamber; and an inner chamber verie well made and couered with floures & swéet hearbs, which the king much praised. Then said Robin hood; Sir, outlawes breakefasts is venison, and therefore you must be content with such fare as we vse. Then the king and quéene sat downe, and were serued with venison and wine by Robin hood and his men, to their great contentation.

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