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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king of Aragon also, hauing at that time warre with the French king,The Fren [...] king hath [...] hands full of troubles. wrote to his sonne in law king Henrie, that if he would send ouer an ar|mie into Biskaie, and so to inuade France on that side, for the recouerie first of his duchie of Guien; he would aid them with ordinance, horssemen, beasts, and cariages, with other necessaries apperteining to the fame. The king and his councell putting their affiance in this promise of king Ferdinando, prepa|red a noble armie all of footmen, and small artille|rie, appointing the noble lord Thomas Greie mar|quesse Dorset to be chéefe conductor of the same. Anno Reg 4 Sir Edmu [...] Howard [...] admerall. The king dailie studieng to set foorth his warre which he had begun against the French king, caused sir Ed|ward Howard his admerall with diligence to make readie diuerse goodlie tall ships, as the Souereigne and others, to the number of eighteene, beside other smaller vessels.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Therewith hauing in his companie sir Weston Browne, Griffith Downe, Edward Cobham;Noblemen appointed [...] the viage Biskaie. Tho|mas Windham, Thomas Lucie, William Pir|ton, Henrie Shirbourne, Stephan Bull, George Wi [...]wange, Iohn Hopton, William Gunston, Thomas Draper, Edmund Cooke, Iohn Burdet, and diuerse others, he tooke the sea, and scowring the same, about the middest of Maie he came before Portesmouth. About the verie selfe time the lord mar|quesse Dorset, and other noblemen appointed for the iournie of Biskaie, as the lord Howard sonne and heire to the earle of Surrie, the lord Brooke, the lord Will [...]ugh [...]le, the lord Ferrers; the lord Iohn, the lord Anthonie, and the lord Leonard Greies, all thrée brethren to the marquesse; sir Griffith ap Ri [...]e, sir EEBO page image 813 Morris Berkeleie, sir William Sands, the baron of Burford, sir Richard Cornewall brother to the said baron, William Husseie, Iohn Melton, William Kingston esquiers, sir Henrie Willoughbie, and di|uerse others, with souldiers to the number of ten thousand.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Amongst these were fiue hundred Almans clad all in white, vnder the leading of one Guiot a gentle|man of Flanders, all which (with the residue aboue|named) came to Southampton, and there mustered their bands which were appointed and trimmed in the best maner. On the sixtéenth daie of Maie they were all bestowed aboord in Spanish ships furnished with vittels, and other necessaries for that iournie. The wind serued so well for their purpose, that they ca [...]ie all in safetie on the coast of Biskaie at the port of Passagh southwest of Fonterabie;The Eng|lish nobles ar|riue on the c [...]ast of Bis| [...]e. and so the third daie of Iune they landed, and tooke the field, imbat|telling themselues for their safegard right strong|lie. Within thrée daies after that the armie was thus aland, there came to the marquesse an earle and an other noble man, to welcome him and his companie.

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