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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The same daie also that the king came to the Tower, the lord Henrie Stafford brother to the duke of Buckingham was arrested, and committed to the Tower: and the same daie also doctor Ruthall was named bishop of Durham. The fiue and twen|tith daie of Aprill was proclamed, that the kings grace ratified all the pardons granted by his father, and also pardoned all such persons as were then in sute for anie offense whatsoeuer it was; treason, mur|ther, and fellonie onelie excepted. And now,A proclama|tion. whereas the performance of the deceassed kings will was thought right expedient with all spéed to be perfor|med, a proclamation was also set foorth and publi|shed thorough the realme, that if anie man could prooue himselfe to be hurt, and depriued of his goods wrongfullie by the commissioners of the forfeitures; he should come and present his pla [...]nt to the king, be|ing readie to satisfie euerie one of all iniuries su|steined.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this proclamation was notified abroad, all such as had béene constreined either by right or by wrong (as Polydor saith) to paie anie thing for anie forfeitures of lawes and customes by them trans|gressed, came flocking to the court, & there declared their gréefs, in what sort they had wrongfullie béene compelled (as they surmised) to paie this or that summe. The councell heard euerie mans complaint, and such as were found to haue paid anie thing with|out plaine proofe of iust cause, they tooke such order for them, that they had their monie againe. Which being once knowne, it was a strange thing to sée how thicke other came in;Multitudes of suters what shifts they made to be heard. yea euen those that had béene worthilie fined & punished for their disorderlie trans|gressions, making earnest sute for restitution, fei|ning and forging manie things to make their cause séeme good, and to stand with equitie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And the better to be heard in their sute, they made friends as well with bribes and large gifts as other|wise, leauing no waies vnassaied to compasse their desires. Which gréedines in such multitude of suters, brought the commissioners, and others that had delt in the forfeitures into danger, and did themselues no good: for the councell perceiuing that it was not pos|sible to satisfie them all, refused to heare anie further complaints or sutes for restitution: but thought it best to commit those to prison, by whom the complai|nants pretended themselues to haue beene wronged. And herevpon was sir Richard Empson knight,Empson and Dudleie com|mitted to the Tower. and Edmund Dudleie esquier, great councellors to the late king attached, and brought to the Tower, there|by to quiet mens minds, that made such importu|nate sute to haue their monie againe restored, which in the late kings daies they had béene compelled to EEBO page image 800 disburse, thorough the rigorous procéedings, as they alleged, of the said two councellors, and others.

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