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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 At the same time died Giles lord Dawbenie the kings chéefe chamberleine, whose office Charles,The lord Daubenie dieth. ba|stard sonne to Henrie last duke of Summerset oc|cupied and enioied; a man of good wit, and great ex|perience. Soone after, the king caused Guidebald duke of Urbine to be elected knight of the order of the garter, Anno Reg 23. Guidebald duke of Ur|bin in Italie made knight of the garter. in like maner as his father duke Frede|rike had béene before him, which was chosen and ad|mitted into the order by king Edward the fourth. Sir Gilbert Talbot, and the other two ambassadors being appointed to kéepe on their iournie vnto pope Iulie the second, elected after the death of the said Pius the third, bare the habit and collar also vnto the said duke Guidebald; which after he had receiued the same, sent sir Balthasar Castalio, knight, a Man|trian borne, as his orator vnto king Henrie, which was for him installed, according to the ordinances of the order.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare that worthie prelate Thomas Sa|uage archbishop of Yorke departed this life at his castell of Cawood:Thomas Sa|uage archbi|shop of Can|turburie de|ceassed. a man beside the worthinesse of his birth highlie estéemed with his prince for his fast fidelitie and great wisedome. He bestowed great cost in repairing the castell of Cawood and the ma|nor of Scrobie. His bodie was buried at Yorke, but he appointed by his testament, that his hart should be buried at Macclesfield in Cheshire, where he was borne, in a chapell there of his foundation, ioining to the south side of the church, meaning to haue founded a college there also, if his purpose had not béene pre|uented by death. After him succeeded doctor Ben|bridge in the archbishops sée of Yorke, being the fiftie and sixt archbishop that had sat in that see.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this same time Lewes the French king, the twelfe of that name (who succéeded Charles the eighth that died at Amboise the night before the eighth daie of Aprill, of a catarrhe, Abr. Fl. ex Guic. pag. 18 [...]. which the physi|cians call an apoplexie, the same rising in him with such aboundance, as he beheld a match plaied at tennisse, that in few houres he ended at the same place his life: during the which, he had with grea|ter importunitie than vertue troubled the whole world with great apparance of danger to kindle eft|soones new fiers of innouation and troubles) maried his eldest daughter named Clare, vnto Francis de Ualois Dolphin of Uienne, and duke of Angolesme, which ladie was promised vnto Charles the king of Castile: wherevpon by ambassadors sent to and fro betwixt king Henrie and the said king of Castile, a mariage was concluded betwixt the said king of Castile, and the ladie Marie, daughter to king Hen|rie, being about the age of ten yeares. For conclusi|on of which mariage, the lord of Barow, & other am|bassadors were sent into England from the emperor Maximilian which with great rewards returned.

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