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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The mariage [...] the [...] of S [...]ts [...] Mar|garet king Henries el|dest daughter.From Lamberton, the foresaid ladie was con|ueied to Edenburgh, and there the daie after, king Iames the fourth, in the presence of all his nobilitie, espoused hir, and feasted the English lords, and shew|ed iusts and other pastimes verie honourablie, after the fashion of that countrie. And after all things were finished according to their commission, the erle of Surrie with all the English lords and ladies re|turned into their countrie. Anno Reg. 19. In this yeare the king kept his high court of parlement, in the which di|uerse acts estéemed necessarie for the preseruation of the common-wealth were established: and amongst other, it was enacted, that théeues and murtherers duelie conuicted by the law to die, and yet saued by their books, should be committed to the bishops custo|die. After this, a subsidie was granted, both of the temporaltie, and spiritualtie, and so that parlement ended.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But the king now drawing into age, and willing to fill his chests with aboundance of treasure,The king co|ue [...]ous in his old age. was not satisfied with this onelie subsidie, but deuised an other meane how to inrich himselfe, as thus. He considered that the Englishmen little regarded the kéeping of penall lawes, and pecuniall statutes, de|uised for the good preseruation of the common-welth. Wherefore he caused inquisition to be made of those that had transgressed anie of the same lawes, so that there were but few noble men, merchants, farmers, husbandmen, grasiers, or occupiers, that could cléer|lie prooue themselues faultlesse, but had offended in some one or other of the same lawes. At the first, they that were found giltie were easilie fined. But after,Richard Empson & Edmund Dudleie. there were appointed two maisters and suruei|ors of his forfeits, the one sir Richard Empson, and the other Edmund Dudleie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 These two were learned in the lawes of the realme, who meaning to satisfie their princes plea|sure, and to sée their commission executed to the vt|termost, séemed little to respect the perill that might insue. Wherevpon they being furnished with a sort of accusers, commonlie called promoters,Promoters or (as they themselues will be named) informers, troubled ma|nie a man, whereby they wan them great hatred, and the king (by such rigorous procéedings) lost the loue and fauour which the people before time had borne towards him; so that he for setting them a worke, and they for executing of it in such extreame wise, ran in|to obloquie with the subiects of this realme.

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