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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this eightéenth yeare, the twentie fourth daie of Ianuarie, Anno Reg. 1 [...] 1503 a quarter of an houre afore three of the clocke at after noone of the same daie, the first stone of our ladie chapell within the monasterie of West|minster was laid,King Henrie the seauenth [...] chapell at Westminster first builded. by the hands of Iohn Islip abbat of the same monasterie, sir Reginald Braie knight of the garter, doctor Barnes maister of the rolles, doctor Wall chapleine to the kings maiestie, mai|ster Hugh Oldham chapleine to the countesse of Darbie and Richmond the kings mother, sir Ed|ward Stanhope knight, and diuerse others. Upon the same stone was this scripture ingrauen: Illustris|simus Henricus septimus rex Angliae & Franciae, & domi|nus Hiberniae, posuit hanc petram in honore beatae virginis Mariae, 24. die Ianuarij; anno Domini 1502. Et anno dicti regis Henrici septimi, decimo octauo. The charges whereof amounted (as some report, vpon credible informati|on as they saie) to fouretéene thousand pounds.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Quéene Elizabeth lieng within the Tower of London, was brought a bed of a faire daughter on Candlemasse daie, which was there christened and named Katharine; and the eleuenth of the same mo|neth the said queene there deceased, and was buried at Westminster, whose daughter also liued but a small season after hir mother. Abr. Fl. ex [...] pag. 876. Six kings of England bre|thren with the tailors com|panie in Lo [...]|don, before they were e [...]|tituled m [...]r|chant tailors. [King Henrie the seauenth being himselfe a brother of the tailors com|panie in London, as diuerse other his predecessors kings before him had béene (to wéet Richard the third, Edward the fourth, Henrie the sixt, Henrie the fift, Henrie the fourth, and Richard the second; also of dukes eleuen, earles eight and twentie, and lords eight and fortie) he now gaue to them the name and title of merchant tailors, as a name of worship to indure for euer. This yeare,Prior of Shene m [...]|thered. about the later end of March, the prior of the Charterhouse of Shene was murthered in a cell of his owne house, by meanes of one Goodwine, a moonke of the same cloister, and his adherents artificers of London. A drie summer,A drie s [...]|mer. hauing no notable raine from Whitsuntide to the later ladie daie in haruest.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The eighteenth of Februarie, the king at his pa|lace EEBO page image 791 of Westminster created his onelie sonne Hen|rie prince of Wales, earle of Chester, &c: who after|ward succéeded his father in possession of the regall crowne of this realme Moreouer, this yeare also, after the deceasse of that noble queene, for hir vertue commonlie called good queene Elizabeth, departed out of this world also sir Reginald Braie knight of the garter,Sir Reginald Braie his [...] a verie father of his countrie, for his high wisedome and singular loue to iustice well worthie to beare that title. If anie thing had béene doone a|misse contrarie to law and equitie, he would after an humble sort plainelie blame the king,Iu [...]t cõmen| [...]tions of Morton arch| [...]op of Can|t [...]rburie and [...]ir Reginald Braie. and giue him good aduertisement, that he should not onelie re|for [...]e the same, but also be more circumspect in anie other the like case. Of the same vertue and faithfull plainnesse was Iohn Morton archbishop of Can|turburie, which died (as is shewed aboue) two yeares before.

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