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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Shortlie after the king and the quéene, with the new wedded spouses went from Bainards castell by water to Westminster, on whom the maior and com|munaltie of London in barges gorgeouslie trim|med gaue their attendance. And there in the palace were such martiall feats, valiant iusts, vigorous tur|neis, and such fierce fight at the barriers, as before that time was of no man had in remembrance. Of this roiall triumph lord Edward duke of Bucking|ham was chiefe chalenger, and lord Thomas Greie marquesse Dorset chiefe defender, which with their aids and companions bare themselues so valiantlie, that they got great praise and honour, both of the Spaniards, and of their owne countriemen. Du|ring the time of these iusts and triumphs, were recei|ued into London, an earle, a bishop, and diuerse no|ble personages sent from the king of Scots into England, for conclusion of the mariage betwéene the ladie Margaret and him; which earle by proxie,Margaret el|dest daughte [...] to king Hen|rie affied to Iames king of Scots. in the name of king Iames his maister, affied and contrac|ted the said ladie. Which affiance was published at Paules crosse, the daie of the conuersion of saint Paule: in reioising whereof Te Deum was soong, and great fiers made through the citie of London.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 These things being accomplished, the ambassadors as well of Spaine as Scotland tooke their leaue of the king, & not without great rewards returned into their countries. When the ambassadors were depar| [...]ed,Prince Ar|thur is sent into Wales. he sent his sonne prince Arthur againe into Wales, to keepe that countrie in good order; appoin|ting to him wise and expert councellors, as sir Ri|chard Poole his kinsman, which was his chiefe cham|berleine, also sir Henrie Uernon, sir Richard Crofts, sir Dauid Philip, sir William Udall, sir Thomas Englefield, sir Peter Newton knights; Iohn Wal|leston, Henrie Marion, & doctor William Smith, president of his councell, and doctor Charles; of the which two doctors, the one was after bishop of Lin|colne, and the other bishop of Hereford.

¶This yeare Iohn Shaw (who was maior of Lon|don) caused his brethren the aldermen to ride from the Guildhall vnto the water side, Iohn Stow pag. 874, 875. when he went to Westminster to be presented in the excheker.The maiors feast first kept at Guildhall. He al|so caused the kitchens and other houses of office to be builded at the Guildhall, where since that time the maiors feasts haue béene kept, which before had béene in the grosers or tailors hall. About Easter, all the Greie friers in England changed their habit, for whereas of long time before they had vsed to weare browne russet of foure shillings, six shillings, and eight shillings the yard; now they were compelled to weare russet of two shillings the yard and not a|boue,Woollen cloth of two shil|lings the brode yard. which was brought to passe by the friers of Gréenewich. This yeare, the dike called Turnemill brooke, with all the course of Fléet dike,Dikes of Lõ|don clensed. were so scow|red downe to the Thames, that boates with fish and fewell were rowed vp to Holborne bridge, as they of old time had beene accustomed: which was a great commoditie to all the inhabitants in that part of London. Also the tower néere to the Blacke friers was taken downe by the commandement of the ma|ior. Also this yeare were brought vnto the king thrée men taken in the new found Ilands,Men brought from the new found Ilands. by Sebastian Gabato, before named in Anno 1468. These men were clothed in beasts skins, and eat raw flesh, but spake such a language as no man could vnderstand them, of the which thrée men, two of them were séene in the kings court at Westminster two yeares af|ter, clothed like Englishmen, and could not be discer|ned from Englishmen.]

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