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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anno Reg. 16.Soone after, when the death was slaked, the king returned againe into England about the end of Iune. Shortlie after there came to him one Gasper Pons a Spaniard, a man of excellent learning and most ciuill behauiour, sent from Alexander the bishop of Rome to distribute the heauenlie grace (as he ter|med it) to all such as (letted by anie forceable impedi|ment) could not come to Rome that yeare to the Iu|bile,A yeare of Iubile. which was there celebrate, being the yeare after the birth of our Sauiour, 1500. This beneuolent li|beralitie was not altogither fréeli [...] giuen. For Alex|ander looking to the health of mens soulesPope Alexan|der maketh profit of his great pardon or heauenlie grace, as he termeth it. thought to doo somewhat for his owne priuat commoditie, & therefore he set a certeine price of that his grace and pardon. And to the end that the king should not hin|der his purpose, he offered part of his gaines to the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 And to colour the matter with some fauourable pretext, and to make men the better willing, & more readie to giue franklie, he promised with that monie to make warre against the Turke. By this meanes the po [...]e got a great masse of monie, which he had conueied ouer vnto him by such trustie messengers (doubt you not) as he had appointed; and yet nothing doone against the Turks, which in the meane season did much hurt to the christians. [For it was no part of his meaning (what colourable shew soeuer he made of tendering the succourlesse people) to impart anie portion thereof to so good a vse; Abr. Fle [...] but rather for the supportation of him and his swarme, who before they will bate an ace of their gorgeous gallantnesse, the whole world shalbe co [...]sened. Such is the collusion of the pope, such be the shamelesse shifts of him and his cleargie for the maintenance of their owne courtlie brauerie, which is wicked vanitie; farre passing the pompe of anie prince, were the same of neuer so rare magnificence; as he well noteth that said full trulie:

—immenso princeps non visus in orbe est,
Cui tanti fastus tantáue pompa fuit.Antith. [...] & pap [...] pag 31 40.
Ingreditur quando miserae Babylonis in Vrbes,
Cernitur hîc plusquam regia pompa comes.
Huic equus est spumans ostró insignis & auro,
Altisono cuius sub pede terra fremit, &c.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this time died thrée bishops in England, Iohn Morton archbishop of Canturburie,Thrée bish [...] dead in one yeare. Thomas Langton bishop of Winchester, and Thomas Rothe|ram archbishop of Yorke. After him succéeded Tho|mas Sauage bishop of London, a man of great ho|nour and worthinesse: in whose place succéeded Wil|liam Warham, of whome before is made mention. And Henrie Deane bishop of Salisburie, was made archbishop of Canturburie, and Richard For was remooued from Durham to the sée of Winchester. Also this yeare two notable mariages were conclu|ded, but not consummate till afterwards,Two notab [...]e mariages. as you shall heare in place conuenient. For king Henrie granted his daughter ladie Margaret to Iames the fourth king of Scots. Katharine daughter to Ferdinando K. of Spaine affi [...]d to Ar|thur prince of Wales. And Ferdinando king of Spaine gaue his daughter ladie Katharine to Ar|thur prince of Wales, sonne and heire apparant to the king of England.

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