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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this yeare was an Augustine frier called Pa|trike in the parties of Suffolke, Anno Reg. 15. Patrike an Augustine Frier. the which hauing a scholer named Rafe Wilford (a shoomakers sonne of London as Stow noteth) had so framed him to his purpose, that in hope to worke some great enter|prise, as to disappoint the king of his crowne and seat roiall, tooke vpon him to be the earle of Warwike, insomuch that both the maister and scholer hauing counselled betwéene themselues of their enterprise,Rafe Wilford the counter|feit earle of Warwike. they went into Kent, & there began the yoong maw|met to tell priuilie to manie, that he was the verie earle of Warwike, and latelie gotten out of the Tower, by the helpe of this frier Patrike. To which saiengs when the frier perceiued some light credence to be giuen, he declared it openlie in the pulpit, and desired all men of helpe. But the danger of this sedi|tious attempt was shortlie remooued and taken a|waie, the maister and scholer being both apprehended and cast into prison and atteinted.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The scholer was hanged on Shrouetuesdaie at saint Thomas Waterings,The counter|feit earle is executed. and the frier condemned to perpetuall prison. For at that time so much reue|rence was attributed to the holie orders, that to a préest (although he had committed high treason a|gainst his souereigne lord) his life was spared, in like case as to anie other offendor in murther, rape, or theft, that had receiued anie of the three higher holie orders. [The chéefe cause (saith Edward Hall) of this fauour was this, Abr. Fl. ex E [...]. Hall, in H [...]n. 7. fol. lj. The cause why the clergie neuer so heinouslie o [...]|fending was so [...]auoured. bicause bishops of a long time and season did not take knowledge, nor intermix them|selues with the search & punishment of such heinous and detestable offenses: by reason whereof they did not disgrade and depriue from the holie orders such malefactors and wicked persons, which without that ceremonie by the canon lawes could not be put to death.

Furthermore, what should a man saie, it was also vsed, that he that could but onelie read (yea although he vnderstood not what he read) how heinous or dete|stable a crime so euer he had committed (treason one|lie excepted) should likewise as affines & alies to the holie orders be saued, and committed to the bishops prison. And to the intent that if they should escape, and be againe taken, committing like offense, that their liues be no more to them pardoned: it was ordeined that murtherers should be burnt on the brawne of the left hand with an hot iron signed with this letter M. and théeues in the same place with this letter T. So that if they, which were once signed with anie of these marks or tokens did reiterate like crime & offense againe, should suffer the paines and punishments which they had both merited and deser|ued.Burning in the hand when enacted. Which decrée was enacted and established in a session of parlement kept in the time of this kings reigne, and taken (as I coniecture) of the French na|tion, which are woont, if they take anie such offendor, to cut off one of his eares, as a sure token and marke hereafter of his euill dooing.]

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