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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 While these things were adooing in England, Anno Reg. [...]. the king of Scots being aduertised of the whole matter and rebellion of the Cornishmen,The Scots inuade the English bor|ders. thought not to let passe that occasion: and therefore he eftsoones inua|ded the frontiers of England, wasting the countrie, burning townes, and murthering the people, spare|ing neither place nor person: and while his light hors|men were riding to forraie and destroie the bishop|rike of Durham, and there burned all about, he with an other part of his armie did besiege the castell of Norham. The bishop of Durham Richard Fox, be|ing owner of that castell,Fox bishop [...] Durham ow|ner of Nor|ham castell. had well furnished it both with men and munitions aforehand, doubting least that would follow which came now to passe. The bi|shop, after that the Scots made this inuasion, aduer|tised the king (as then being at London) of all things that chanced in the North parts; and sent in all post hast to the earle of Surrie, to come to the rescue. The [...]arle being then in Yorkeshire, and hauing ga|thered an armie, vpon knowledge giuen to him from the bishop, with all diligence marched forward, and after him followed other noble men out of all the quarters of the North, euerie of them bringing as manie men as they could gather, for defense of their countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Amongst these, the chéefe leaders were, Rafe earle of Westmerland, Thomas lord Dacres,What lords & knights with their compa|nies went to the rescued of the castel a+gainst the Scots. Rafe lord Neuill, George lord Strange, Richard lord Lati|mer, George lord Lumleie, Iohn lord Scroope, Hen|rie lord Clifford, George lord Ogle, William lord Coniers, Thomas lord Darcie. Of knights, Thomas baron of Hilton sir William Persie, sir William Bulmer, sir William Gascoigne, sir Rafe Bigod, sir EEBO page image 783 Rafe Bowes, sir Thomas a Parre, sir Rafe Ellec|ker, sir Iohn Constable, sir Iohn Ratcliffe, sir Iohn Sauill, sir Thomas Strangweis, and a great num|ber of other knights and esquiers besides. The whole armie was little lesse than twentie thousand men, beside the nauie, whereof the lord Brooke was ad|merall.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the Scots had diuerse waies assaulted and beaten the castell of Norham, but could make no batterie to enter the same, they determined of their owne accord to raise the siege, and returne; and that so much the sooner in verie déed, bicause they heard that the earle of Surrie was within two daies iour|nie of them, with a great puissance. Wherefore king Iames raised his siege, and returned home into his owne realme. When the earle knew of the kings re|turne, he followed him with all hast possible, trust|ing suerlie to ouertake him, and to giue him battell. When the earle was entred Scotland, he ouerthrew and defaced the castell of Cawdestreimes,The earle of Surrie en|treth Scot|land defacing castels and towers. the tower of Hetenhall, the tower of Edington, the tower of Fulden: and he sent Norreie king at armes to the capteine of Haiton castell, which was one of the strongest places betwixt Berwike and Edenburgh, to deliuer him the castell. Which he denied to doo, affir|ming that he was sure of spéedie succours.

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