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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this same time, diuerse men were punished that had vpon a presumptuous boldnesse spoken ma|nie slanderous words against the kings maiestie, hoping still for the arriuall of the feigned Richard duke of Yorke. After the death of sir William Stan|leie,

Anno Reg. 11. Lord Daube|nie the kings c [...]efe cham|berleine.

Sir Edward P [...]inings s [...]nt into Ire|l [...]d with an [...]mie.

Giles lord Daubenie was elected and made the kings chéefe chamberleine. Also, the K. sent into Ire|land (to purge out the euill & wicked séeds of rebellion amongest the wild & sauage Irish people, sowed there by the craftie conueiance of Perkin Warbecke) sir Henrie Deane, late abbat of Langtonie (whome he made chancellor of that Ile) & sir Edward Poinings knight, with an armie of men. The fauourers of Perkin, hearing that sir Edward Poinings was come with a power to persecute them, withdrew streightwaies, and fled into the woods and marishes for the safegard of themselues.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Sir Edward Poinings according to his commis|sion, intending to punish such as had aided and ad|uanced the enterprise of Perkin, with his whole ar|mie marched forward against the wild Irishmen, bi|cause that all other being culpable of that offense, fled and resorted to them for succour. But when he saw that his purpose succéeded not as he would haue wished it; both bicause the Irish lords sent him no succour according to their promises; and also for that his owne number was not sufficient to furnish his enterprise, bicause his enimies were dispersed a|mongst woods, mounteins, and marishes: he was constreined to recule backe, sore displeased in his mind against Gerald earle of Kildare, being then the kings deputie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now, the cause of this his discontentment was, for that the said earle was suspected to be the meane that he had no succours sent him, and was so infor|med in déed by such as bare the earle no good will. And therefore suddenlie he caused the earle to be ap|prehended,Gerald earle of Kildare de|putie of Ire|land appre|hended. and as a prisoner brought him in his com|panie into England. Which earle being examined, and sundrie points of treason laid to him, he so auoi|ded them all, & laid the burthen in other mens necks, that he was dismissed, and sent into Ireland againe, there to be deputie and lieutenant as he was before. The king being now in some better suertie of his e|state,King Henries progresse in|to Lanca|shire. did take his progresse into Lancashire the fiue & twentith daie of Iune, there to make merrie with his moother the countesse of Derbie, which then laie at Lathome in the countrie.

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