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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 And bicause the thing was weightie, and required great aid and assistance, therefore they determined to send messengers vnto the ladie Margaret, to know when Richard duke of Yorke might conueni|entlie come into England; to the intent that they be|ing thereof certified, might be in a readinesse to helpe and succour him at his arriuall. So by the common consent of the conspirators, Anno Reg. 8. sir Robert Clifford knight, and William Barleie, were sent into Flan|ders, which discouered to the duches all the secret in|tents and priuie meanings of the fréends and fau|tors of the new found duke. The duches gladlie re|ceiued this message, and after shee had heard their errand, shée brought the messenger to the sight of Perkin,Perkin coun|terfeiteth the duke of Yorke verie cunning|lie. who so well counterfeited the gesture, coun|tenance, and maner of Richard duke of Yorke, that sir Robert Clifford beléeued verelie, that he was the second sonne of king Edward; and therefore wrote a letter of credit into England to his complices: and to put them out of doubt, he affirmed that he knew him to be king Edwards sonne by his face, and o|ther lineaments of his bodie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Upon this letter, the chéefe dooers in this businesse spred the signification thereof abroad through the realme, to the intent to stirre the people to some new tumult and commotion: but it was doone by such a secret craft, that no man could tell who was the au|thor of that rumor. The king perceiued that this vaine fable was not vanished out of the mad brains of the common people. To prouide therefore against all perils that might thereby insue, he sent certeine knights that were skilfull men of warre, with com|petent bands of soldiers, to kéepe the sea coasts and hauens, to vnderstand who came in and went out of the realme; doubting least some great conspiracie were in brewing against him. He also sent into the low countries certeine persons, to learne the truth of this forged dukes progenie,Perkins true linage. where some of them that were so sent, comming to Tournie, got know|lege that he was borne in that citie, of base linage, and named Perkin Warbecke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king then aduertised not onelie by his espi|als vpon their returne, but also from other his tru|stie freends, determined with all spéed to haue the fraud published, both in Englan [...] and forren parts: and for the same cause sent sir Edward Poinings knight,Ambassadors sent to Philip archduke of Burgognie. & sir William Warram doctor of the laws vnto Philip archduke of Burgognie, and to his coun|cellors (bicause he was not of age able to gouerne of himselfe) to signifie to him and them, that the yoong man, being with the ladie Margaret, had falselie and vntruelie vsurped the name of Richard duke of Yorke, which long before was murthered with his brother Edward in the Tower of London, by the commandement of their vncle king Richard, as ma|nie men then liuing could testifie.

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