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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Yée haue heard, how there was in the last parle|ment monie granted for the furnishing foorth of the armie into Britaine; that is to wit, it was agréed, Anno Reg. 4. that euerie man should be taxed after the rate of his substance, to paie the tenth penie of his goods. Which monie the most part of them that dwelled in the bi|shoprike of Durham, and in the parties of Yorke|shire refused vtterlie to paie: either for that they thought themselues ouercharged with the same; or were procured to shew themselues disobedient, tho|rough the euill counsell of some seditious persons, which conspired against the king, to put him to new trouble. Therefore such as were appointed collectors,The collec|tors of the subsidie com|plaine to the earle of Nor|thumberland that they can|not get in the tax monie. after that they could not get the monie, according to their extract deliuered to them by the commissio|ners, they made their complaint priuilie to Henrie the fourth earle of Northumberland, chiefe ruler of the North parts.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The earle foorthwith signified to the king all that matter, and the king not willing to pardon them of anie one penie (least the example might doo hurt by incouraging others to shew the like stubbornes in o|ther parts of the realme) cõmanded the earle either by distresse or otherwise, to leuie the monie as he should thinke most meet. The rude and beastlie people hea|ring of this answer from the king, by and by with great violence set vpon the earle by the exciting of a simple fellow named Iohn a Chamber,The earle of Northumber|land murthe|red by the northerne re|bels at the in|stigation and setting on of Iohn a Chamber. whome the erle with faire words sought to appease. But they like vnreasonable villaines, alledging all the fault to be in him, as chiefe author of the tax, furiouslie and cru|ellie murthered both him and diuerse of his houshold seruants. Diuerse affirme that the Northerne men bare against this earle continuall grudge euer since the death of king Richard, whome they entirelie fa|uoured.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Although this offense was great and heinous; yet there succéeded a more mischiefe:A rebellion in the north for a tax granted by parlement. for incontinent|lie (to cloke this presumptuous murther) the Nor|therne men got them to armour, and assembling to|gither, chose them a capteine, no lesse seditious than desirous of trouble,Sir Iohn E|gremond cap|teine rebell. called sir Iohn Egremond knight; and passing by the countries, they published and declared that they would bid the king battell on|lie in defense of their liberties & common fréedome, of the which he went about to beereaue them. But when the matter should come to be tried with blowes, their harts so fainted that they scattered a|waie, euerie man séeking to saue himselfe by flight: but that little auailed them.

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