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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the middest of August entering into the third yere of his reigne, Anno. Reg. 3. he came to Newcastell vpon Tine, and from thence sent in ambassage into Scot|land Richard Fox,Fox bishop of Excester sent ambassador in|to Scotland. latelie before made bishop of Ex|cester, and with him Richard Edgecombe knight, controller of his house, to conclude some peace or truce with king Iames of Scotland. The English ambassadors were honorablie receiued, and louinglie interteined of the said king, who gladlie would haue concluded a perpetuall peace with the king of Eng|land, if he might haue bene licenced so to haue doone: but his people being stedfast in their old accustomed vsage, would not agrée to anie peace, but yet were contented to gratifie their king,A truce with Scotland for seuen yeares. that he should take truce with England for the tearme of seuen yeares, which was concluded.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Then was secret promise made by king Iames, that he would not onlie obserue peace, & continue in perfect amitie with the king of England during his life, but also would renew againe this truce new ta|ken for other seuen yeers, before the first seuen yeers were fullie expired. The king of Scots indéed was EEBO page image 768 as desirous of the king of Englands friendship, as the king of England was of his: bicause that his subiects bare him much euill will, misliking with all things that either he could doo or saie. [So that his regiment was no longer liked, than they were in a good mood, which was when they were well min|ded; and that was neuer: for that if by gentlenesse he allured them, they esteemed him a flatterer; if by seueritie, a tyrant. And therefore it stood him vpon to strengthen himselfe against such a people, of whose pleasure & displeasure depended his estate.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 K. Henrie after the returne of his ambassadors out of Scotland,King Henrie returneth out of the north countrie. came from Newcastell to Yorke, and so toward London, and in the way being at Lei|cester, there came to him ambassadors from Charles the French king, which declared both the recouerie of certeine townes out of the hands of Maximilian king of Romans, which he had wrongfullie detei|ned from the crowne of France before that time; and also that their maister king Charles had now wars in hand against Francis duke of Britaine,The French kings request for aid against Frãcis duke of Britaine. bicause that he succoured and mainteined diuers noble men, as the duke of Orleance and others, that were rebels and traitors, against him and the realme of France. Wherefore his request was, that for the old familia|ritie that had bene betwixt them, he would either as|sist and helpe him, or else stand neuter betwixt them, neither helping nor yet hurting the one nor the other.

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