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Compare 1577 edition: 1 While king Richard was thus troubled and vexed with imaginations of the troublous time that was like to come: lo, euen suddenlie he heard newes,1485 Anno Reg. 3. that fire was sprung out of the smoke, and the war fresh|lie begun;The castell of Hammes de|liuered vnto the earle of Richmond. and that the castell of Hammes was deli|uered into the hands of the earle of Richmond, by the meanes of the earle of Oxford; and that not onlie he, but also Iames Blunt capteine of the castell, were fled into France to aid the earle Henrie. Wherefore he, thinking it great policie to withstand the first brunt, sent the most part of the garrison of Calis, to recouer againe by force the castell of Hammes. They which were in the castell, perceiuing their aduersa|ries to approch, prepared munitions and engines for their defense, and sent also to the earle of Richmond, to aduertise him of their sudden inuasion, requiring him of hastie aid and speedie succour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The earle sleeping not this first begun assault, sent the earle of Oxford with an elected companie of soul|diers to raise the siege, and rescue the castell: which at their first arriuing pitched their campe not far from their enimies. Now while king Richards men gaue vigilant eie, waiting least the earle of Oxford should take anie aduantage of them that laie on that side of the castell;Thomas Brandon en|tereth the ca|stell. Thomas Brandon with thirtie approo|ued men of war by a marish, which laie on the other side, entered into the castell. The souldiers within greatlie incouraged, & much comforted by this new succour and aid, grieued the enimies, by shooting from the walles more than they were accustomed to doo. Then they of the castell vexed their enimies on the fore part: and the earle of Oxford no lesse mole|sted & vnquieted them on the other part.Why king Richard gaue licence to all in the castell to depart in safetie with bag and bag|gage. Which was the occasion that king Richards men offered (of their owne méere motion) licence to all being within the castell to depart in safetie, with bag and baggage, nothing excepted.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Which condition the earle of Oxford, comming onelie for that purpose to deliuer his louing fréends out of all perill and danger, and chieflie of all, his old hostesse Iane Blunt, wife to Iames Blunt the cap|teine, would in no wise forsake or refuse: and so lea|uing the castell bare and vngarnished both of vittels and artillerie, came safelie to the earle of Richmond soiourning in Paris. During this time, king Ri|chard was crediblie informed of his inquisitors and espials, that the earle of Richmond was with long sute in the court of France sore wearied; and desi|ring great aid, could obteine small reliefe: in somuch that all things went so farre backwards, that such things as were with great diligence (and no lesse de|liberation) purposed and determined to be set for|ward, EEBO page image 752 were now dashed and ouerthrowne to the ground.

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