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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 2.In this troublous season, nothing was more mar|uelled at, than that the lord Stanleie had not béene taken, and reputed as an enimie to the king; consi|dering the working of the ladie Margaret his wife, moother to the earle of Richmond. But forsomuch as the enterprise of a woman was of him reputed of no regard or estimation; and that the lord Thomas hir husband had purged himselfe sufficientlie to be inno|cent of all dooings and attempts by hir perpetrated and committed:King Richard chargeth the lord Stanleie to kéepe his wife in some secret place from dealing against him. it was giuen him in charge to kéepe hir in some secret place at home, without hauing a|nie seruant or companie: so that from thense foorth she should neuer send letter or messenger vnto hir sonne, nor anie of his freends or confederats, by the which the king might be molested or troubled, or anie hurt or preiudice might be attempted against his realme and communaltie. Which commandement was a while put in execution and accomplished, accor|ding to his dreadfull commandement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Yet the wild worme of vengeance wauering in his head, could not be content with the death of di|uerse gentlemen suspected of treason; but also he must extend his bloudie furie against a poore gentle|man called Collingborne, for making a small rime of three of his vnfortunate councellors, which were the lord Louell, sir Richard Ratcliffe his mischee|uous minion, and sir William Catesbie his secret seducer, which méeter or rime was thus framed:

The Cat, the Rat, and Louell our dog,
Rule all England vnder an hog.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Meaning by the hog, the dreadfull wild boare, which was the kings cognisance. But bicause the first line ended in dog, the metrician could not (obseruing the regiments of méeter) end the second verse in boare, but called the boare an hog. This poeticall schoolemaister, corrector bréefs and longs, caused Collingborne to be abbreuiated shorter by the head,Collingborne executed. and to be diuided into foure quarters.

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