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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Ambassadors [...]oorth of Scotland.In this verie season Iames the third of that name king of Scots sent into England a solemne ambas|sage for to haue the ladie Cicilie, king Edwards se|cond daughter, to be married to his eldest sonne Iames, prince of Scotland, duke of Rothsaie, and earle of Caricke. King Edward and his councell, perceiuing that this affinitie should be both honou|rable and profitable to the realme, did not onelie grant to his desire; but also before hand disbursed cer|teine summes of monie, to the onelie intent that the marriage hereafter should neither be hindered nor broken. With this condition, that if the said mariage by anie accidentall meane should in time to come take none effect; or that king Edward would notifie to the king of Scots, or his councell, that his plea|sure was determined to haue the said marriage dis|solued: then the prouost and merchants of the towne of Edenburgh, should be bound for repaiment of the said summes againe. All which things were with great deliberation concluded, passed, and sealed, in hope of continuall peace and indissoluble amitie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But king Iames was knowne to be a man so wedded to his owne opinion, that he could not abide them that would speake contrarie to his fansie: by meanes whereof, he was altogither led by the coun|sell and aduise of men of base linage, whome for their flatterie he had promoted vnto great dignities and honourable offices. By which persons diuerse of the nobilitie of his realme were greatlie misused and put to trouble, both with imprisonment, exactions, & death; insomuch that some of them went into volun|tarie exile. Amongst whome Alexander duke of Al|banie, brother to king Iames, being exiled into France, & passing through England, taried with K. Edward: and vpon occasion mooued him to make warre against his brother, the said king Iames, for that he forgetting his oth, promise, and affinitie con|cluded with king Edward, caused his subiects to make roads and forraies into the English borders, spoiling, burning, and killing king Edwards liege people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Edward, not a little displeased with this vn|princelie dooing, prouoked and set on also by the duke of Albanie, determined to inuade Scotland with an armie, as well to reuenge his owne iniuries recei|ued at the hands of king Iames, as to helpe to re|store the duke of Albanie vnto his countrie and pos|sessions againe.Preparation for warre a|gainst Scot|land. Herevpon all the Winter season he mustered his men, prepared his ordinance, rigged his ships, and left nothing vnprouided for such a iour|nie: so that in the beginning of the yeare, all things apperteining to the warre, and necessarie for his voi|age, were in a readinesse.1482 Anno Reg. 22. To be the cheefteine of his hoast, and lieutenant generall, Richard duke of Glo|cester was appointed by his brother king Edward;An armie sen [...] into Scot|land. and with him were adioined as associats, Henrie the fourth earle of Northumberland, Thomas lord Stanleie lord steward of the kings house, the lord Louell, the lord Greiestocke, and diuerse other no|ble men and worthie knights.

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