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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this season, through great mishap, the sparke of priuie malice was newlie kindled betwixt the king and his brother the duke of Clarence, insomuch that where one of the dukes seruants was suddenlie accused (I can not saie whether of truth, or vntrulie suspected by the dukes enimies) of poisoning, sorcerie or inchantment, and thereof condemned, and put to execution for the same; the duke which might not suf|fer the wrongfull condemnation of his man (as he in his conscience iudged) nor yet forbeare but to mur|mur and reproue the dooing thereof, mooued the king with his dailie exclamation to take such displeasure with him, that finallie the duke was cast into the Tower, Anno Reg. 17. George duke of Clarence drowned in a butt of mal|mesie. and therewith adiudged for a traitor, and pri|uilie drowned in a butt of malmesie, the eleuenth of March, in the beginning of the seuententh yeare of the kings reigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Some haue reported, that the cause of this noble mans death rose of a foolish prophesie, which was, that after K. Edward one should reigne, whose first let|ter of his name should be a G. Wherewith the king and quéene were sore troubled, and began to conceiue a greeuous grudge against this duke, and could not be in quiet till they had brought him to his end. And as the diuell is woont to incumber the minds of men which delite in such diuelish fantasies,Prophesies diuelish fan|tasies. they said after|ward, that that prophesie lost not his effect, when after king Edward, Glocester vsurped his kingdome. O|ther alledged, that the cause of his death was for that the duke, being destitute of a wife, by the meanes of his sister the ladie Margaret, duchesse of Burgognie, procured to haue the ladie Marie, daughter and heire to hir husband duke Charles.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Which marriage king Edward (enuieng the pro|speritie of his brother) both gaine said and disturbed, and thereby old malice reuiued betwixt them: which the quéene and hir bloud (euer mistrusting, and priui|lie barking at the kings Image) ceassed not to in|crease. But sure it is, that although king Edward were consenting to his death; yet he much did both lament his infortunate chance, & repent his sudden execution: insomuch that when anie person sued to him for the pardon of malefactors condemned to death, he would accustomablie saie, & openlie speake:

Oh infortunate brother, for whose life not one would make sute. Openlie and apparantlie meaning by such words, that by the meanes of some of the nobili|tie he was deceiued and brought to confusion.

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