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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare the duke of Burgognie was slaine, by the Switzers,1476 Anno Reg. 16. before the towne of Nancie in Lor|raine after whose death the French king wan all the townes which the said duke held in Picardie and Ar|tois.The death of the duke of Burgognie. And bicause that the towne of Bullen and coun|tie of Bullenois apperteined by right of inheritance vnto the lord Berthram de la Toure, earle of A [...]|uergne, the French king bought of him his right and title in the same, and recompensed him with other lands in the countie of Forests, and in other places. And bicause the forenamed towne and countie were holden of the earledome of Artois, he changed the tenure, and auowed to hold the same towne & coun|tie of our ladie of Bolongne, and therof did homage to the image in the great church of Bolongne, offe|ring there an hart of gold weieng two thousand crownes; ordeining further, that his heires and suc|cessors at their entrie into their estates, by them|selues or their deputies, should offer an hart of like weight and value, as a reliefe and homage for the same towne and countie.

¶ This yeare was Robert Basset maior of Lon|don, who did sharpe correction vpon bakers, Abr. Fl. ex I.S. pag. 745. for ma|king of light bread, he caused diuerse of them to be set on the pillorie in Cornehill.Agnes Dain|tie on the pil|lorie. And also one Agnes Daintie a butterwife for selling of butter new and old mingled togither, being first trapped with butter dishes, was then set on the pillorie. ¶The countesse of Oxford deceassed and was buried at Windsore. ¶Al|so this yeare Richard Rawson one of the shiriffes of London, caused to be builded one house in the church yard of S. Marie hospitall without Bishops gate of London, where the maior of that citie and his bre|thren the aldermen vse to sit and heare the sermons in the Easter holie daies, as in times past appeared by an inscription on the front of the same house, now by wethering defaced, which I haue read in these words: Praie for the soules of Richard Rawson late Mercer and alderman of London, and Isabell his wife, of whose goods this worke was made and foun|ded. Anno Dom. 1488.]

By the diligence of Ralph Iosseline maior of London, Part of Lõ|don wall [...] builded. the wall about London was new made be|twixt Algate and Creplegate: he caused the Moore field to be searched for claie, and bricke to be made and burnt there: Iohn Rouse. he also caused chalke to be brought out of Kent, and in the same Moore field to be burnt into lime, for the furtherance of that worke. The ma|ior with his companie of the drapers made all that part betwixt Bishops gate and Alhalowes church in the same wall. Bishops gate it selfe was new built by the merchants Almans of the Stilliard, and from Alhalowes church toward Moore gate a great part of the same was builded of the goods,Bishops [...] new builded. & by the execu|tors of sir Iohn Crosbie somtimes an alderman of London, as may appeare by his armes in two places fixed. The companie of Skinners made that part of EEBO page image 703 the wall betweene Algate and Buries markes to|wards Bishops gate, as may appeare by their armes in thrée places fixed: the other companies of the citie made the other deale of the said wall, which was a great worke to be doone in one yeare.

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