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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Edward was not a litle disquieted in mind, Anno Reg. 12. for that the earls of Penbroke & Richmond were not onlie escaped out of the realme, but also well receiued and no woorsse interteined of the duke of Britaine:Messengers sent to the duke of Bri|taine. he sent therefore in secret wise graue & close messengers to the said duke, the which should not sticke to promise the duke great and rich rewards, so that he would de|liuer both the earles into their hands and possession. The duke, after he had heard them that were sent, made this answer, that he could not with his honor deliuer them, to whome he had giuen his faith to sée them preserued from all iniurie: but this (he said) he would doo for the king of England, that they should be so looked vnto, as he néeded not to doubt of any at|tempt to be made against him by them, or by their meanes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king receiuing this answer, wrote louinglie to the duke of Britaine, that he would consider his fréendship with conuenient rewards, if it should please him to be as good as his promise. The duke, perceiuing gaine comming by the abode of the two English earles in his countrie, caused them to be se|parated in sunder, and all their seruants being Eng|lishmen to be sequestred from them, and in their pla|ces appointed Britains to attend them. In the thir|téenth yeere of his reigne,1473 Anno Reg. 13. king Edward called his high court of parlement at his palace of Westmin|ster,A parlement. in the which all lawes and ordinances made by him before that daie were confirmed, and those that king Henrie had abrogated, after his readeption of the crowne, were againe reuiued. Also lawes were made for the confiscation of traitors goods, and for the restoring of them that were for his sake fled the realme, which of his aduersaries had béene atteinted of high treason, and condemned to die.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, towards his charges of late susteined, a competent summe of monie was demanded,A subsidie and fréelie granted. There was also a pardon granted al|most for all offenses;A pardon. and all men then being within the realme, were released and discharged of all high treasons and crimes, although they had taken part with his aduersaries against him. In this season the duke of Burgognie had sore wars with the French king;Ambassadors from the duke of Burgognie and to be the more spéedilie reuenged on his aduersarie, he sent ambassadors into England, to EEBO page image 694 persuade king Edward to make warre also on the French king, for the recouerie of his ancient right to the realme of France, by the same French king against all equitie withholden and deteined. In which attempt of his, there was some sauour of discréet po|licie, and a prouident forecast for his greater safetie, besides the likelie possibilitie to obteine that whereto he made chalenge: sith the huger hosts (if the hardier hearts) are of most force, according to that saieng:

Virtus vnita fortior.

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