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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 But the earle, hauing in continuall remembrance his purposed enterprise, appointed his brethren, the archbishop and the marquesse, that they should by some meanes in his absence stir vp some new rebel|lion in the countie of Yorke, and other places adioi|ning, so that this ciuill warre should séeme to all men to haue béene begun without his assent or knowlege, being on the further side of the seas. The duke of Cla|rence being come to Calis with the earle of War|wike,1469 Anno Reg. 9. after he had sworne on the sacrament to kéepe his promise and pact made with the said earle whole and inuiolate, he married the ladie Isabell, eldest EEBO page image 672 daughter to the earle, in our ladies church there. Shortlie after,A commotion in Yorkeshire. according as had béene aforehand de|uised, a commotion was begun in Yorkeshire, to the great disquieting of that countrie. The same chanced by this means.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There was in the citie of Yorke an old and rich hospitall,Saint Leo|nards hospi|tall in Yorke. dedicated to saint Leonard, for the harbou|rough and reléeuing of poore people. Certeine euill disposed persons of the earle of Warwikes faction, intending to set a broile in the countrie, persuaded the husbandmen to refuse to giue anie thing to the said hospitall, affirming that the corne giuen to that good intent, came not to the vse of the poore; but was conuerted to the behoofe of the maister of the hospi|tall, and the preests, whereby they grew to be rich, and the poore people wanted their due succour and reléefe. And not content with these saiengs, they fell to doo|ings: for when the proctors of the hospitall, according to their vsage, went about the countrie to gather the accustomed corne, they were sore beaten, wounded, and euill intreated.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after, the conspiracie of the euill disposed people grew to an open rebellion,A rebellion. so that there as|sembled to the number of fifteene thousand men, e|uen readie bent to set on the citie of Yorke. But the lord marquesse Montacute, gouernour and president of that countrie for the king, taking spéedie counsell in the matter, with a small number of men, but well chosen, incountred the rebels before the gates of Yorke: where (after a long conflict) he tooke Robert Huldorne their capteine,Robert Hul|dorne capteine of the reb [...]ls taken and be|headed. and before them comman|ded his head to be striken off, and then (bicause it was a darke euening) he caused his souldiers to enter in|to Yorke, and there to refresh them. Héere manie men haue maruelled, whie the marquesse thus put to death the capteine of those people, which had procu|red this their rebellious enterprise.

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