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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This was Charles earle of Charolois, the sonne and heire apparant vnto Philip duke of Burgognie, which Charles being then a widower, was counsel|led to be suter vnto king Edward, for to haue in mariage the ladie Margaret, sister to the said king, a ladie of excellent beautie, and indued with so manie worthie gifts of nature, grace, and fortune, that she was thought not vnworthie to match with the greatest prince of the world.1467 Anno Reg. [...] The lord Anthonie ba|stard brother to the said earle Charolois, commonlie EEBO page image 669 called the bastard of Burgognie,The bastard of Burgognie ambassadour into England. a man of great wit, courage, and valiantnesse, was appointed by his father duke Philip, to go into England in ambas|sage, about this sute; who being furnished of plate and apparell, necessarie for his estate, hauing in his companie gentlemen, and other expert in all feats of chiualrie and martiall prowesse, to the number of foure hundred horsses, tooke his ship, and arriued in England, where he was of the king & nobles honou|rablie receiued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This message being declared, ye may be sure the same was ioifullie heard of the king and his coun|cell; the which by that affinitie, saw how they might be assured of a buckler against France. But yet the earle of Warwike, bearing his heartie fauour vnto the French king, did as much as in him laie by euill reports to hinder this marriage: but this notwith|standing, at length, the king granted to the bastards request; and the said bastard openlie in the kings great chamber contracted the said ladie Margaret, for, and in the name of his brother the said earle of Charolois.Iusts betwixt the bastard of Burgognie & the lord Scales. After this marriage thus concluded, the bastard challenged the lord Scales, brother to the queene, a man both equall in hart and valiantnesse with the bastard, to fight with him both on horsse|backe, and on foot: which demand the lord Scales gladlie accepted.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The king causing lists to be prepared in West|smithfield for these champions, and verie faire and costlie galleries for the ladies, was present at this martiall enterprise himselfe. The first daie they ran togither diuerse courses with sharpe speares, and de|parted with equall honor. The next day they turnei|ed on horssebacke. The lord Scales horsse had on his chafron a long sharpe pike of steele, and as the two champions coped togither, the same horsse (whether thorough custome or by chance) thrust his pike into the nosethrils of the bastards horsse; so that for verie paine he mounted so high, that he fell on the one side with his maister, and the lord Scales rode round a|bout him with his sword in his hand, vntill the king commanded the marshall to helpe vp the bastard, which openlie said;

I can not hold me by the clouds, for though my horsse faileth me, suerlie I will not faile my contercompanion.
The king would not suf|fer them to doo anie more that daie.

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