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Compare 1577 edition: 1 A solemne procession at Paules.For the open publishing of this ioifull agréement, there was (vpon our ladie daie in March) a solemne procession celebrated within the cathedrall church of saint Paule in London, at the which the king was present in habit roiall, with his crowne on his head. Before him went hand in hand the duke of Sum|merset, the earle of Salisburie, the duke of Excester, and the earle of Warwike; and so one of the one fac|tion, and another of the other: and behind the king the duke of Yorke, and the quéene with great famili|aritie in appeerance leading hand in hand. Anno Reg. 37. W. P. [But what shall be said? As goodlie apples corrupted at core, (how faire coated so euer they seeme) can neuer be made to become sound againe: nor rotten walles new plastered without, can euer the more staie their mooldering inward, till the putrified matter fret through the crust laie all in the mire: so fared it on all parts in this dissembled and counterfet concord.] For after this apparant peace (but inward discord) diuerse of the nobles smallie regarding their honors, forgot their oth, and brake their promise boldlie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Not long after this, of pretensed purpose (as it was thought) a fraie was made vpon a yeoman of the earle of Warwiks, by one of the kings seruants, in the which the assailant was sore hurt, but the earles man fled. Héerevpon the kings meniall seruants, séeing their fellow hurt, and the offendor escaped, as|sembled togither and watched the earle, when he re|turned from the councell chamber toward his barge,The earle of Warwik [...] as|saulted. and suddenlie set on him, the yeomen with swords, the blacke gard with spits and fier-forks. After long fight, and manie of the earls men maimed and hurt, by helpe of his fréends he gat a wherrie, and so esca|ped to London. The quéene aduertised héerof,The quéen [...] purpose. incon|tinentlie commanded that he should be apprehended and committed to the tower, where (if he had béene taken) he had shortlie ended his daies.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 By this vnhappie fraie, there arose anon after such trouble and terrible warre, that the whole realme was thereby disquieted. For after this displeasure doone to the earle, and the quéens good mind towards him by his secret fréends reuealed; he wish all dili|gence tooke his iournie to Warwike, and after into Yorkeshire, where he found the duke of Yorke, and the earle of Salisburie, declaring vnto them the as|sault made vpon him by the kings seruants, and the pretensed euill purpose of the quéene. After which complaint made, he fearing to be dispossessed of his roome at Calis, with great spéed imbarked himselfe and sailed thither. He was not onelie deputie or lieu|tenant of Calis, but also high admerall of the seas, Whethamsted The earle of Warwike lord admerall. which office was to him confirmed for the space of fiue yeares. Wherevpon, whether before his arriuall now at Calis, or shortlie after, I cannot say; but this yeare about the middest of summer, the said earle, ha|uing with him a fouretéene well appointed ships, sailed abroad to scowre the seas, and by chance met with fiue great ships, whereof thrée were caraks of Genoa, and the other two were of Spaine, bigger in heigth and length than the caraks.

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