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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 31. 1453The councell not forgetting the offer of the Gas|coignes, and that they might now haue the citie of Burdeaux, with the countrie round about, by request of the inhabitants, appointed the valiant capteine Iohn lord Talbot earle of Shrewesburie, to go thi|ther with an armie, who arriuing in the Ile of Ma|dre, passed foorth with his power, being scant thrée thousand men, and tooke the strong towne of Fron|sacke, and diuerse other townes & fortresses. The in|habitants of Burdeaux, hearing of the earles arri|uall, sent to him messengers in the darke night, requi|ring him with all spéed to come and receiue the citie. The earle lost not one houre, but hasted foorth, & came before that citie, yer the Frenchmen within vnder|stood anie thing of the citizens purpose. When they were aduertised that there was a gate set open for the Englishmen to enter, they thought to haue esca|ped secretlie by a posterne: but they were pursued, slaine, and taken by the lord de Lespar, and other of the English armie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After the regaining of Burdeaux, there arriued at Blaie the bastard of Summerset, sir Iohn Talbot, lord Lisle by his wife, sonne to the said erle of Shrew|esburie, the lord Molins, the lord Harington, the lord Camois, sir Iohn Howard, sir Iohn Montgomerie, sir Iohn Uernon, with two & twentie hundred men, with vittels and munitions. When the earle was thus (according to his intent) of all things furnished, first he fortified Burdeaux with Englishmen, and store of vittels; and after that he rode into the coun|trie abroad, where he obteined cities, and got townes without stroke or dint of sword,The French people soone wearie of the French go|uernment. for the people alrea|die wearied of the French seruitude, and longing sore to returne to the English libertie, seemed to de|sire nothing more than to haue the earle to receiue them into the English obeisance. Amongst other townes, the towne and castell of Chastillon in Pe|rigort was to him deliuered, the which he fortified with men and ordinance verie stronglie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the meane time, the French king, being aduer|tised of all these dooings, raised an armie to resist this inuasion made by the erle of Shrewesburie. And first he appointed his capteins to besiege the towne of Chastillon, to the rescue whereof the earle hasted for|ward, hauing in his companie eight hundred horsse|men, vnder the leading of his sonne the lord Lisle, the lord Molins, the lord Camois, sir Edward Hull, sir Iohn Howard, and sir Iohn Uernon. He appointed also fiue thousand footmen, vnder the conduct of the earle of Kendall, and the lord de Lespar, to follow him with all spéed. In his waie, he tooke by fine force a tower which the Frenchmen had taken, and slue all that he found within it. And after by the waie, he met fiue hundred Frenchmen going a foraging, of whome he slue the more part, and chased the other to the campe.

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