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[For whilest the French thus triumphed in Nor|mandie, Anno Reg 2 [...]. W. P. EEBO page image 631 thrée cruell enimies among manie (as by ci|uill warre and sedition insuing appeared) sore vrged the vtter ruine of this reame at home. One was pre|sumption in gouernance, by some that were most vn|méet to rule, as the queene with hir priuie counsel|lors and minions; then the deadlie malice and pride, with insatiable couetise in the states both spirituall and temporall: and lastlie the generall grudge of the people, for the vniuersall smart that through misgo|uernment euerie where they suffered; who thus for|weried with the peise of burthens too heauie for them anie longer to beare.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Heerewith perceiuing how (through want of pro|uident wisedome in the gouernour) all things went to wracke, as well within the realme as without; they began to make exclamation against the duke of Suffolke,The commõs [...] a|gainst ye duke of Suffolke. charging him to be the onelie cause of the deliuerie of Aniou, and Maine, the chéefe procuror of the duke of Glocesters death, the verie occasion of the losse of Normandie, the swallower vp of the kings treasure, the remoouer of good and vertuous councellours from about the prince, and the aduan|cer of vicious persons, and of such as by their dooings shewed themselues apparant aduersaries to the com|mon-wealth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The quéene hereat doubting not onelie the dukes destruction, but also hir owne confusion, caused the parlement before begun at the Blackfriers,The parlemẽt adiourned frõ London to Leicester, and from thence to Westminster. to be ad|iourned to Leicester, thinking there, by force and ri|gor of law, to suppresse and subdue all the malice and euill will conceiued against the duke & hir. At which place few of the nobilitie would appeare: wherefore it was againe adiourned to Westminster, where was a full appearance. In the which session the com|mons of the nether house put vp to the king and the lords manie articles of treason, Edw. H [...]ll. misprision, and euill demeanor, against the duke of Suffolke: the effect whereof with his answers héere insueth.

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