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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 As the affaires in France now were neither well looked to, nor the gouernours there well aduised, Anno Reg. [...]. an English capteine called sir Francis Suriennes,Sir Francis Suriennes. sur|named the Aragonois, of the countrie where he was borne, a man for his wit and actiuitie admitted into the order of the garter, tooke by scaling suddenlie in the night of the euen of our ladie daie in Lent, a towne on the frontiers of Normandie, belonging to the duke of Britaine called Fougiers,Fougiers. spoiling the same, and killing the inhabitants. The duke of Bri|taine, EEBO page image 629 being hereof aduertised, sent word by the bi|shop of Reimes to the French king, beseeching him of his aid and counsell in the matter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The French king foorthwith sent his caruer Iohn Hauart, and Iohn Cosinet one of the maisters of his requests to the king of England: and to the duke of Summerset he dispatched Peter de Fonteins the maister of his horsse. To which messengers answer was made aswell by the king as the duke, that the fact was doone without their knowledge. And for the truce to be kept, and not onelie restitution, but also amends to be made to the duke of Britaine, a daie of diet was appointed to be kept at Louuiers, where the commissioners on both parts being assembled, the Frenchmen demanded amends, with no small re|compense. The Englishmen answered, that without offense, nothing by iustice ought to be satisfied; affir|ming the dooing of sir Francis Sureinnes to be one|lie his act, without consent either of the king of Eng|land, or of the duke of Summerset his lieutenant and regent.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But whiles with long delaie they talked of this matter at Louuiers, certeine Frenchmen by aduer|tisement of a wagoner of Louuiers,Põt de Larch taken by the Frẽchmen by a subtill sleight. vnderstanding that the towne of Pont de Larch was but slenderlie manned; the wagoner laded his wagon and passed forward, hauing in his companie two strong varlets clad like carpentars, with great axes on their shoul|ders. And hereto le seigneur de Bresse with a chosen companie of men of armes, lodged himselfe in am|bushment neere to the gate of S. Andrew, and cap|teine Floquet, accompanied with sir Iames de Cle|remont, and another great companie priuilie lurked vnder a wood toward Louuiers. When all things were appointed for the purpose, earlie in a morning about the beginning of October, the wagoner came to the gate, and called the porter by name, praeing him to open the gate, that he might passe to Rone, and returne againe the same night.

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