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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare, after the deceasse of Henrie Chicheleie archbishop of Canturburie, succeeded Iohn Stafford in that sée, being translated from Bath and Wels. He was the thréescore and one archbishop, as Poly|dor noteth. During the time of the truce, Richard duke of Yorke and diuerse other capteins repaired into England, both to visit their wiues, children, and fréends, and also to consult what should be doone, if the truce ended. Anno Reg. 24. For the which cause a parlement was called, in the which it was especiallie concluded, that by good foresight Normandie might be so furni|shed for defense before the end of the truce, that the French king should take no aduantage through want of timelie prouision: for it was knowne, that if a peace were not concluded,The duke of Summerset made regent of Normãdie, and the duke of Yorke dis|charged. the French king did prepare to imploie his whole puissance to make open warre. Héerevpon monie was granted, an armie le|uied, and the duke of Summerset appointed to be re|gent of Normandie, and the duke of Yorke thereof discharged.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 I haue séene in a register booke belonging some|time to the abbeie of saint Albons, that the duke of of Yorke was established regent of France, after the deceasse of the duke of Bedford, to continue in that office for the tearme of fiue yeares; which being expired, he returned home, and was ioifullie receiued of the king with thanks for his good seruice, as he had full well deserued in time of that his gouerne|ment: and further, that now when a new regent was to be chosen and sent ouer, to abide vpon safe|gard of the countries beyond the seas as yet subiect to the English dominion,The duke of Yorke appoin|ted to ye charge againe. the said duke of Yorke was eftsoones (as a man most méet to supplie that roome) appointed to go ouer againe, as regent of France with all his former allowances.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the duke of Summerset still maligning the duke of Yorkes aduancement, as he had sought to hinder his dispatch at the first when he was sent ouer to be regent, as before yee haue heard: he likewise now wrought so, that the king reuoked his grant made to the duke of Yorke for enioieng of that office the terme of other fiue yéeres, and with helpe of Wil|liam marquesse of Suffolke obteined that grant for himselfe.The appoint|mẽt disappoin|ted, and poin|ted to the mar|quesse of Suffolke. Which malicious deling the duke of Yorke might so euill beare, that in the end the heate of dis|pleasure burst out into such a flame, as consumed at length not onelie both those two noble personages, but also manie thousands of others, though in diuers times and seasons, as in places hereafter (as occasion serueth) it shall more euidentlie appeare. But now to returne to the parlement.

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